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Philanthropy News Archive


Developing Local Talent for High-Tech Careers

Rush internships provide West Side high school students with IT training, career opportunities through the Health IT Pathways program funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co. as part of a $40 million investment over three years to create economic opportunity in Chicago’s underserved South and West Side neighborhoods. Read more.

25 Years of Care and Compassion Leads to Gift Supporting HIV Research

Sherri Wrobell first came to Rush following an HIV diagnosis. That was 25 years ago. Wrobell credits her physician for maintaining her health since then. Read more.

Making Mental Well-Being Top of Mind

Woman's Board gift to bring mental health service to underserved Chicago students. Read more.

A Higher Level of Mentorship

Honoring an innovative, hardworking and caring retired Rush faculty member with an endowed fellowship in neuroradiology. Read more.


'Positive and Caring' Experiences Led to Cancer Research Support

Motivated by her own experience and a desire to help future breast cancer patients who will face similar challenges, Bev Guzy decided to fund promising breast cancer research and ongoing education at Rush. Read more.

Harmony 4 Hope Rocks Rare Disease Research at Rush

The organization uses charitable concert events to fuel scientific discoveries raising $15,000 for Rush's rare disease efforts since 2013. Read more.

Bringing Stroke Treatment Directly to Patients

Rush is planning a mobile stroke unit that will bring faster diagnosis and treatment to patients at their homes or wherever they’re in need. Read more.

Amanda and Joe SarmientoFilling the Gaps in Pediatric Cancer

Amanda (Sprenger) Sarmiento faced a complex and rare case of osteosarcoma. Effective treatments are scarce, but thanks in part to the generosity of Amanda’s family and friends in her honor, one physician at Rush is changing that. Read more.

Preparing Students for Tomorrow's World

K. Ranga Rama Krishnan, MB, ChB; Henry P. Russe, MD, Dean, Rush Medical College Senior Vice President, Rush University Medical Center, shares his thoughts on evolving medical education at Rush. Read more.

Emerging Research: Early Warning Found for Kidney Disease

Researchers at Rush have found a new predictor for kidney disease: suPAR, a common blood protein that shows rising levels years before the condition develops. Read more.

Former Bear, Rush Patient Take on Lung Cancer

Chris Draft and Jill Feldman both experienced firsthand that people who don't smoke can develop lung cancer. The two are raising funds for lung cancer research and treatment, and to raise awareness for the wide array of cases out there. Read more.

A Mentor for Generations: Celebrating the Legacy of Stuart Levin, MD

When Richard Abrams, MD, associate program director of Internal Medicine Residency at Rush, was on the brink of his residency training, he asked his father — a Chicago surgeon — who he thought were the best doctors in the city to work with: Stuart Levin, MD, was at the top of the list. Read more.


Transforming Schizophrenia Treatment

Christine Hooker, PhD, is working to make potentially life-changing treatment for schizophrenia patients with a combination of earlier diagnosis, cognitive and behavioral therapy, and a safe environment free of judgment and reproach. Read more.

Enhancing Research, Residents for Generations to Come

While most 8-year-olds look forward to their birthdays for all the presents, Dominic Rebro had another idea. When his lifelong pediatrician, Laxmi Narayan, MD, retired after more than four decades at Rush, Rebro wanted to help carry forth his favorite doctor’s legacy. Read more.

Rush Solved Heart Problem Others Missed

Rush’s cardiology team performed a pioneering procedure that saved Helen Pates' life. She continues to show her gratitude to Rush through philanthropy and volunteer efforts. Read more.

Your Dollars at Work

In 2015 forward-looking partnerships helped Rush think bigger, reach farther and help more than ever before. Read our 2015 annual report.

Leaving Family, Charity in Good Hands

Longtime Rush Trustee and Woman’s Board member Virginia Karnes knew she wanted to continue supporting Rush long after she passed away — but she wanted to make sure her family was also well taken care of. Thanks to careful investing, creative estate planning and a charitable gift annuity, she was able to do both. Read more.

Emerging Research: New Hope for Spinal Cord Injury

Researchers at Rush are exploring a new therapy using stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries within the first 14 to 30 days of injury. Rush is one of only five centers in the country currently studying this new approach. Read more.

Nursing PhDs Solving Future Health Problems Today

Rush can better nurture the future of PhD nurses thanks to a generous, forward-thinking $2.9 million bequest. Read more.

Planning for Rush University's Future: Q&A With Thomas A. Deutsch, Provost of Rush University

From the rising cost of higher education to changes in the way students learn, health sciences universities like Rush face significant challenges. Rush University's leadership is developing plans to address these challenges. Read more.

Stewardship Spotlight: Exelon Corporation

Access to health care remains a challenge for millions of Americans — particularly those from low-income and minority groups. Thanks to help from the Exelon Corporation, Rush is working to remedy this locally. Read more.

Thank a Doctor on Doctors' Day

Has a Rush doctor made a difference in your life? Say thank you with a gift in their honor. Read more.

Estate Planning: New Year's Resolutions to Keep

With 2016 under way, a thorough review of your financial and estate plans will help bring peace of mind and ensure the well-being of you and your family into the future. Read more.


Thank Veterans with Your Support Today

Men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces deserve our gratitude and our help. On Veterans Day, we can collectively make a difference in the lives of our military by making sure they have mental and physical health services they need. Read more.

Thanks to My Doctors I Can Walk and Talk

Grateful patient Alice Adam Pado shares why she is grateful to neurology and infectious disease staff at Rush. Read more.

Celebrating and Supporting Our Veterans

The 2015 Rush Associates Board Casino Night supported the Road Home Program: The Center for Veterans and Their Families at Rush, raising more than $270,000 to support research, care and social services, including mental health care and counseling for veterans and their families. Read more.

The Science of Spirituality: Q&A With George Fitchett, DMin, PhD, Chaplaincy Researcher

Research shows that patients experiencing religious and spiritual struggle often face worse outcomes than those who do not experience such a conflict. For chaplains to better find the patients most in need and provide them with the best care, they need to be able to study and use evidence-based practice to improve their efforts. Read more.

Emerging Research: Healthy Aging

Humans today are living longer than ever. Some scientists believe that the first person to reach age 150 has already been born. But how can we maintain our health, retain our mobility and stave off diseases associated with aging in order to make the most of these extra years? Read more.

Clapp Scholarship Puts Leadership Training Within Reach

Bob Clapp’s commitment to education and mentoring motivated his wife Laura and 97 other donors to give more than $60,000 to establish an endowed student education fund in his name. Read more.

More Than 60 Years of Service

Arleen Teichen, Rush’s longest-serving volunteer, passed away in January at the age of 100. The late Woman’s Board member is remembered most for her work in the chapel and her efforts to comfort patients and families. Read more.

Swims Raise More Than $1 Million for Cancer Research at Rush

Since 2012, Swim Across America has directed its proceeds to the Rush University Cancer Center, leading to more than $1 million in total contributions to clinical cancer research at Rush over the last four events. Read more.

My Doctor Helped Me to Walk Again

Grateful Rush patient Peter England shares how staff at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush helped him walk again. Read more.

Inspiring Swimmers from the Shore

Emily Crabtree won’t let anything stop her from participating in the annual Swim Across America Chicago fundraiser for cancer research — even her own continuing fight against the disease. Read more.

Wounded Warrior Chooses Road Home for $15M Challenge Grant

Rush University Medical Center is one of four academic medical centers in the U.S., and the only center in the Midwest, to join a new, national network, which will provide mental health care for post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, and traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI. Read more.

Serving Veterans and Their Families on the Road Home

Will Beiersdorf, executive director of the Road Home Project, as well as a Naval Reserve and Illinois Army National Guard veteran, explains Road Home’s special attributes and how it can meet the complicated needs of veterans and their loved ones. Read more.

Occupational Health Expert Gives to Education

Annette Haag became one of the foremost authorities on occupational health in the country through great education. In gratitude, she made a bequest to Rush to help motivated nursing students without the financial means receive similar career-guiding education. Read more.

Continuing Her Family's Legacy

Naomi T. Borwell understood the importance of supporting Rush beyond her lifetime. Naomi continued the Borwells’ extraordinary investment that will benefit Rush for generations. Read more.

I Survived Breast Cancer Thanks to My Doctors

Grateful Rush patient Maha Ditsch shares why she is grateful for her cancer treatment team, including oncologist Lydia Usha, MD. Read more.

Why Now is the Time to Review Your Estate Plans

Updating and reviewing your plans periodically is important to ensuring they still reflect your vision for the future, benefit the people and causes closest to you, and make the most of current tax laws. Read more.

Six Great Reasons to Like Charitable Gift Annuities

Rush University Medical Center’s gift annuity program is popular with many of our friends because of its safety and predictability. Read more.

A Personal Connection to Nursing at Rush

When Nancy McIlvaine was admitted to Rush for extreme sciatica pain, the nurses never left her side. She and her husband started giving to Rush's nursing programs immediately after her stay. Read more.

Hundreds of Patients and Families Make Their Doctors' Day

When Rush invited patients to recognize their physicians this spring with philanthropic gifts, they answered the call. Read more.

Operating Room to Mountain Summit

Craig Falkenthal donates in honor of Rush heart surgeon, Robert March, MD, each year on National Doctor's Day, in gratitude for the procedure March performed that allowed Falkenthal to climb to the top of a mountain about 18 months later. Read more.

Fragile X Doctor, Researcher Cares for the Whole Family

Rebecca Fishman felt alone when she learned her son had fragile X syndrome. After meeting with several doctors, Fishman found what she was looking for with Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, MD, PhD, at Rush. Read more.

Personal Approach to Cancer Treatment

Elementary school teacher Lynda Fisher had never smoked tobacco in her life. Her family didn’t have a history of cancer. But at age 59, Fisher learned that she had a tumor the size of a grapefruit in her lung. Read more.


Making Stronger Waves to Fight Cancer

The partnership between Swim Across America Chicago and Rush University Medical Center to support cancer research grew even more in 2014. Read more.

Grant Supports Chicago Youth Education Program Executed by Students

A gift from the Michael Reese Health Trust is supporting Rush students who are working to prepare teens at Richard T. Crane Medical Preparatory High School in Chicago for careers in health care. Read more.

A Gift From the Heart

Jay Proops and his family honored Rush cardiovascular surgeon Marshall D. Goldin, MD, with an estate gift after Goldin performed life-saving open heart surgery on Proops. Read more.   

Physicians Raise $2 Million to Honor Mentor

Aaron Rosenberg changed Craig Silverton's life. Twenty years after Silverton studied under Rosenberg, he decided to thank him with a surprise honor, along with the help of Rosenberg's nurse Reggie Barden, his partners and other former students. Read more.

Emerging Research: Using Bioinformatics to Harness Big Data

Bioinformatics enables truly individualized, personalized care by identifying unique characteristics and arming clinicians with enough information to precisely design interventions to match those unique needs. Read more.

McMullan Family Nurtures Education in and Around Rush

A commitment from the James and Madeleine McMullan Family Foundation will provide scholarships for Malcolm X College students enrolled in the joint Bachelor’s of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) program with Rush University’s College of Health Sciences. Read more.

Stewardship Spotlight: The Mary Jo and John Boler Centers for Advanced Imaging

With the 2012 opening of the Boler Centers, Rush significantly expanded access to the latest imaging technologies, including Chicago’s first high-resolution, dual-energy CT scanner and advanced 3 Tesla MRI models. Read more.

Providing for Students, Promoting Compassion

Amod and Dershi Saxena (pictured left to right) believe that finances should not hold back a passionate, talented student from pursuing medicine. Since 2005, 26 Rush Medical College students have received scholarship support from the Saxenas. Read more.

Keeping Young Minds Sharp While Bodies Heal

Out of gratitude for the care she received at Rush, 16-year-old Nadia Howse donated a trove of laptop computers, iPods, iPads and video games for pediatric patients in the Rush Children’s Hospital. Read more.

Rush Heritage Society: 20 Years of Advancing Health Care

Since 1994, Rush has received more than $105 million from estate gifts of all different sizes by Rush Heritage Society members, who continue to help advance the future of health care even after their lifetimes. Read more.

700,000 Under Par: Golf Outing Benefits Rush Students

In 2014, 200 golfers hit the links to raise more than $132,000 in support of Rush’s students — a 23 percent increase over proceeds from 2013. Read more.

students in Rush's simulation centerNew Simulation Center Will Set Rush Apart

Rush’s new 15,000-square-foot simulation center, scheduled for completion in 2015, will increase access to high-quality clinical training — more than tripling the number of students and clinicians who can be trained at any one time in an innovative, safe and realistic environment. Read more.

Road Home Program logoA Road Home for Veterans at Rush

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) occur among an estimated one-third of returning veterans. Veterans and their families deserve our help in building a life after combat. To meet this goal, Rush has established The Road Home Program: The Center for Veterans and Their Families at Rush. Read more.

Grateful patient Anne Taylor with her father, Rush donor Dale TaylorRestoring an Active life, Inspiring a Gift

Anne Taylor walked for eight years on a broken pelvis — until she met Craig Della Valle, MD, of Midwest Orthopedics at Rush. Now she runs 5Ks. Read more.

Emerging Research: Predicting Parkinson's Disease

Doctors at Rush are working to determine the link between bacteria in the gut and changes in the brain associated with Parkinson’s disease and how we can use this link to predict the disease before it manifests. Read more.

Key partners involved in the BMO Harris Bank-funded initiativeFeatured Donor: BMO Harris Bank

For many people in the Chicago area, it is hard to access the medical care they need, resulting in delayed treatment or unnecessary and costly trips to emergency rooms. BMO Harris and Rush are looking to create new, sustainable models of health care. Read more.

122 Rush Students Match at 76 institutions

On March 21, 2014, fourth-year medical students learned of their residency placements. Read on to find out where they placed and in what specialty.

Richard Fessler, MD, PhDQ & A with Richard Fessler, MD, PhD, Spine Surgery Pioneer

Fessler talks about his research at Rush into stem cell treatment for spinal cord injuries, correcting curved spines and how psychology informs his efforts as a surgeon. Read more.

Rush nursing students volunteering in BelizeRush Takes Health Care Mission Around the World

The Rush Global Health Initiative sends students and faculty to countries in need of basic health care and resources. Participants have helped build water filtration in Dominican Republic, given flu shots in Belize and helped victims in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Read more.

Rush alumnus and donor Edward Weiner, MDAlum Supports Psychiatry at Rush with Annuity

Edward Weiner, MD, knew from age 4 that he wanted to be a doctor. In gratitude for his education, Weiner and his wife, Marsha, have chosen to support Rush University Medical Center with charitable gift annuities: two generous cash gifts in exchange for fixed quarterly payments for the rest of their lives. Read more.

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