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Hundreds of Patients and Families Make Their Doctors’ Day

Grateful patients thank their caregivers through gifts to Rush in honor of their health care heroes all year long. In fact, patients expressing their gratitude in this way is one of the Medical Center’s strongest sources of philanthropy. So when Rush invited patients to recognize their physicians this spring, they answered the call.

Hundreds of patients and families made philanthropic gifts honoring 142 physicians at Rush for National Doctors’ Day on March 30, 2015. (See below for physicians honored on Doctors' Day.) Physicians were notified of the gifts made in their honor and received personal thank you notes from their patients. Together, these donors gave more than $26,000 to thank their doctors and support the kind of research-informed, patient-centered care that they and their families have received at Rush.

As a not-for-profit health system, Rush relies on charitable donations to sustain high-quality patient care, while pursuing the kinds of educational, research and community service programs that are so central to Rush’s mission. What’s more, the philanthropic support that patients and their families give to Rush’s people and programs sends a strong message: The care that our physicians, nurses and other caregivers provide is making a difference.

Doctors’ Day 2015 honored physicians

The following physicians at Rush were recognized by patients and their families who made gifts in their honor for National Doctors’ Day (March 30, 2015):

Abdul Aziz Aadam, MD
Robert Aiken, MD
David A. Ansell, MD, MPH
Bulent Arslan, MD
Bernard R. Bach, Jr., MD
Charlotte J. Bai, MD
David Baldwin, Jr., MD
Robert A. Balk, MD
Brandon R. Barton, MD, MS
Gail Marie Basch, MD
Sukhpreet Batra, MD
Marta Batus, MD
Richard A. Berger, MD
Elizabeth M. Berry-Kravis, MD, PhD
Roger A. Billhardt, Jr., MD
Ian O. Bledsoe, MD
Philip D. Bonomi, MD
Jillian Boroniec, MD
Richard O. Burns, MD
Charles A. Bush-Joseph, MD
Asokumar Buvanendran, MD
David R. Buyer, MD
Richard W. Byrne, MD
Jonathan Cheponis, MD
Ramesh Chhablani, MD
Gary W. Chmielewski, MD
Melody A. Cobleigh, MD
Mark S. Cohen, MD
Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA
Cynthia L. Comella, MD
Christopher L. Coogan, MD
Theresa M. Dabek, MD
Shawn M. Davies, MD
Leslie Deane, MBBS, FRCSC, MD
Craig J. Della Valle, MD
Gordon H. Derman, MD
Thomas A. Deutsch, MD
Christopher J. DeWald, MD
Summer B. Dewdney, MD
Aidnag Diaz, MD, MPH
Jessica M. Diethelm, MD
Catherine A. Dimou, MD
Jennifer S. Earvolino, MD
Andem E. Ekpenyong, MD
Steven B. Feinstein, MD
Richard G. Fessler, MD, PhD
April Fetzer, DO
Mary Jo Fidler, MD
Tad L. Gerlinger, MD
Steven Gitelis, MD
Christopher G. Goetz, MD
Marshall D. Goldin, MD, MS
Jennifer G. Goldman, MD, MS
Larry Goodman, MD 
Nina A. Goyal, MD
Stephanie A. Gregory, MD
Kathleen M. Hayes, MD
Marisa E. Hill, MD
Jerome Hoeksema, MD
Lance D. Holemon, MD
Bruce Huck, MD
Chad E. Jacobs, MD
Ruchi Jain, MD
Niranjan Jeganathan, MD
Neeraj Jolly, MD
Reem M. Karmali, MD
Ravi Kasi, MD
Clifford J. Kavinsky, MD, PhD
Damien P. Kenny, MD
Ali Keshavarzian, MD
Michael Y. Ko, MD
Albene E. Kokocinski, MD
Jah-Won Koo, MD
Katherine A. Kopkash, MD
George J. Kouris, MD
Louis J. Kraus, MD
Kousik Krishnan, MD
Johan O. Lane, MD
Melissa L. Larson, MD
Simon Lee, MD
Michael J. Leiding, MD
William T. Leslie, MD
Brett R. Levine, MD, MS
Laurence A. Levine, MD
Steven L. Lewis, MD
Johnny L. Lin, MD
​Michael Lin, MD
Michael J. Liptay, MD
John Losurdo, MD
Timothy R. Lubenow, MD
Mathew W. MacCumber, MD
Robert March, MD
Walter J. McCarthy III, MD
Sheetal Mehta, MD
Keith W. Millikan, MD
Thomas R. Mizen, MD
Roham Moftakhar, MD
Lorenzo Munoz, MD
Jonathan A. Myers, MD
Gregory P. Nicholson, MD
Jack C. Olson, Jr., MD
Kirk H. Packo, MD
Shaila R. Pai-Verma, MD
Gian D. Pal, MD
Nina A. Paleologos, MD
Catherine S. Park, MD
Anthony J. Perry, MD
Dennis A. Pessis, MD
Nicklas Pfanzelter, MD
Daniel James Pohlman, MD
Jeremy B. Pripstein, MD
Jaishankar Raman, MD, PhD
Diego H. Remolina, MD
Peter Revenaugh, MD
Roger A. Rodby, MD
Anthony A. Romeo, MD
Aaron G. Rosenberg, MD
Jacob Rotmensch, MD
Sean S. Ryan, MD
Samuel N. Saltzberg, MD
Gary L. Schaer, MD
Joy S. Sclamberg, MD
Najia Shakoor, MD
Kathleen M. Shannon, MD
David J. Sher, MD, MPH
Michael C. Smith, MD
R. Jeffrey Snell, MD
Scott M. Sporer, MD, MS
Pamela D. Strauss, MD
Michael D. Tharp, MD
Parameswaran Venugopal, MD
Leonard Verhagen, MD, PhD
Annabelle S. Volgman, MD
Stephanie Wang, MD
Edward J. Ward, MD
William H. Warren, MD
Allison L. Weathers, MD
Richard M. Wiet, MD
Brett Williams, MD
James A. Young, MD
John M. Zajecka, MD

To learn more about honoring your health care hero or making a gift to Rush, please contact Alex Kwak, director of annual giving, at or (312) 942-6112.

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