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Featured Giving Opportunity: Rush Parkinson’s Disease Program

Support for Parkinson's care and research at RushMillions worldwide live with the effects of Parkinson’s disease each day. Its symptoms change lives, families and entire communities. The Rush Parkinson’s disease program is at work in cracking the code offering solutions that will alter the quality of life for those with PD.

Experts at Rush are on the brink of multiple breakthroughs, with studies under way in six key areas:

  • Uncovering the risk and cause of Parkinson’s disease
  • Gene transfer and stem cell treatments of Parkinson’s disease
  • Genetic underpinnings of Parkinson’s disease
  • Cognitive-behavioral-emotional challenges in Parkinson’s disease
  • New medical and surgical therapies
  • Exercise and Parkinson’s disease: university research and community outreach

Your support makes you a key partner in the solutions our researchers are pursuing:

  • Establishing the cellular and genetic mechanisms that unleash Parkinson’s disease
  • Defining whether the disease starts inside or outside the brain
  • Developing novel treatments to stop the disease as early as possible
  • Providing new therapies focusing on both motor and nonmotor disease aspects at every stage of progression

Emerging Parkinson’s disease research at Rush

Rush has one of the world’s largest teams of Parkinson’s disease experts focused on translational research with our team recognized internationally for both our clinical care and laboratory research. Our success is the result of highly productive research collaborations.

When our scientists make a discovery in the lab, our clinicians apply the findings to patient care. When our clinicians make a discovery in patient care, our scientists examine the underlying mechanisms in the lab.

Philanthropic donations allow us to move forward with groundbreaking research. We look to our patients, families and friends to support this important work.

Support our Parkinson’s program, double the impact of your gift

The Rush Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Program has been designated by the Parkinson's Disease Foundation as an official Parkinson's Research Center. Through this designation, the Parkinson's Disease Foundation has awarded us a matching annual commitment. The foundation will match individual contributions to our program, dollar for dollar, up to $350,000.

We also receive support from other organizations, including the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Consolidated Anti Aging Foundation and many grateful friends and patient individual donors.

How you can give to Parkinson’s research and treatment at Rush

To make a gift or learn more about supporting the Rush Parkinson’s disease program, contact Kristin Stewart, director of development, at kristin_stewart@rush.edu (312) 942-3517.

Or support the Rush Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Program by making a gift online.

Want to learn more about supporting the Parkinson’s disease program and giving to Rush?