As we begin to reopen Rush University Medical Center for elective procedures and in-person care, we are putting your safety first. For information about COVID-19, see the latest updates. Rush accepts donations to support our response effort, staff, and patients and families.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Giving to Rush

You can support Rush in so many ways, and gifts of all sizes affect the work of our caregivers, researchers and educators. In fact, it is because of our donors that we’re able to do what we do. When you make a gift to Rush, you truly do make a difference.

Why support Rush?

For more than 177 years, Rush has been bringing health and hope to patients in Chicago and beyond.

As a not-for-profit organization, Rush University Medical Center reinvests all of our revenue after expenses into our people and programs:

Rush depends on donors who believe in our mission and share our commitment to health care and prevention. Their vision and generosity makes our work possible.

Learn more about giving opportunities and ways to give.

Is my charitable contribution to Rush tax-deductible?

Rush is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. As such, your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law. For your tax purposes, Rush will provide you with a letter documenting the amount and date of your philanthropic donation to Rush.

When does Rush’s fiscal year start and end?

Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. For tax deductions, file your gifts in the same calendar year you give them. (Gifts made in February 2017 and November 2017 would both be filed in your 2017 taxes.)

Can I make my donation online?

Yes. Please use our secure online giving form.

Where do I send my contribution? How do I make out the check?

Please make the check out to “Rush University Medical Center,” and send it to the following address:

Office of Philanthropy
Rush University Medical Center
1201 W. Harrison St., Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60607-3319

Can I speak with someone over the phone about making a gift to Rush?

Please call (312) 942-6830, and we can direct you to the right staff member within the Office of Philanthropy.

Can Rush automatically deduct my donation from my bank account or my credit card?

Yes. Learn more about setting up this type of donation on our Monthly Giving page.

Which areas of Rush can I support?

We have established funds for many areas of patient care, research, education and community outreach. You can also make a gift that Rush can apply toward our most urgent needs. Find out more about available options on our Ways to Give page, or email

Can I give anonymously?

Yes. Rush’s Office of Philanthropy will keep your gift anonymous if requested. Dollar amounts of donations also will remain confidential. Receipts will be provided for tax filing purposes.

Will my employer match my gift to Rush?

Many employers have matching gift programs that could double, or even triple, the value of your donation to Rush. Check with your employer for a matching gifts form that you can submit to rush and learn more on our Matching Gifts page.

How do I volunteer my time at Rush?

Our volunteers’ efforts include providing wheelchair transport for patients, greeting patients, delivering amenities such as mail or flowers to patients, and leading tours of the hospital. Learn more about other volunteer opportunities on our Volunteering page.

What is Rush’s tax ID number?

Please call (312) 942-6830 and we’ll be happy to provide this information.

Can I make a gift in honor or in memory of someone?

Honor and memorial gifts are a meaningful and lasting way to remember a loved one, mark a special occasion or show your gratitude for someone who has made a difference in your life. Learn more on Memorial and Honor Giving.

How can I include information about memorial gifts to Rush in an obituary?

Contact our Annual Giving team at or 312-942-6112, and we can provide you with language to include in a loved one’s obituary to help direct memorial gifts to their intended purpose at Rush. Additionally, we can provide you with personalized memorial envelopes and a custom link for online memorial gifts. Take a look at Memorial Giving at Rush for more information.

If I make a gift in honor or in memory of someone, what information will you give to the honoree/family about my gift?

Memorial donors can ask Rush to notify a family member or friend about the gift. When you make a gift in honor of an important person, you can ask Rush to notify that honoree of your generosity. To protect our donors’ privacy, individual gift amounts will be kept confidential; however, all donors will be sent a receipt for tax purposes. Learn more on Memorial and Honor Giving.

How do I make a stock/cash wire/etc. gift to Rush?

Learn more about making gifts such as these on our Stock and Securities page.

How does Rush recognize its donors?

Rush proudly recognizes the generous annual giving and planned gift intentions of hundreds of patients, alumni, staff, employees and friends of Rush through membership in one of our recognition societies. We celebrate members’ generosity with a number of privileges, including special communications and invitations to exclusive events.

How can I help spread the word about Rush’s people and programs?

Rush’s donors and volunteers are our most important advocates. There are so many ways that you can tell your network about the lifesaving work happening each day at Rush:

What is a tribute gift, and what is the difference between an honor gift and a memorial gift?

A tribute gift is a gift made in recognition of a person or an event. At Rush we use the term tribute gift to refer to both honor and memorial gifts. Memorial gifts are made in remembrance of someone who has passed away. All other types of tribute gifts, such as gifts made in celebration of special events or as expressions of gratitude for Rush caregivers, are referred to as honor gifts.

If I'm making an honor or memorial gift, to whom should a donation check be made out?

Checks must be made payable to “Rush University Medical Center” and sent to Rush University Medical Center, Office of Philanthropy, 1201 W. Harrison St., Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60607-3319. If you are making a tribute gift, be sure to also submit a completed honor or memorial tribute giving form along with your check. Forms can be found online for honor gifts and memorial gifts.

Can I collect gifts from others and then send one large gift to Rush? (NOT RECOMMENDED)

If you send one combined gift, Rush will legally be able to provide only one tax receipt to just one legal donor. By asking others to give directly to Rush University Medical Center, we will provide all donors with charitable giving receipts for their tax purposes. We will notify you when gifts are made.

I want others to make tribute gifts to Rush. What information should I provide to the Office of Philanthropy at Rush?

To ensure that gifts are processed quickly and allocated appropriately and that timely gift receipts, acknowledgments and notifications can be sent, you should provide the following basic information to Rush's Office of Philanthropy:

  • Notification Recipient — Whom should be notified when gifts are made?
  • Tribute Name — In whose honor or memory are gifts being made?
  • Gift Allocation — Which area of Rush/which physician should gifts support?
  • Giving Materials — Would you like Rush to create personalized giving envelopes or a custom online giving link? How many envelopes will you need? Where would you like them sent?

How will I know if someone has made a gift in memory of my loved one or in honor of my fundraising efforts?

When you contact the Office of Philanthropy, you can select a notification recipient. Each week that gifts are received, Rush will send a notification letter by your preferred method (postal mail or email).

What information will notification letters provide?

Notification letters will provide the names and addresses of all individuals who make tribute gifts. To protect the privacy of our donors, we do not provide individual gift amounts. Upon request we will provide the total amount given by all donors.

Why should I make a tribute gift or ask others to support Rush?

Philanthropic gifts support Rush’s research, education, patient care and community program efforts. When you give, you are helping to develop innovative treatments and deliver high-quality health care to patients in Chicago, across the Midwest and around the world. You can make an even bigger impact by requesting that others join you in making tribute gifts to Rush.

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