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Investigation of the Naming Performance of Participants with Aphasia

Clinical Trial Title: 
Investigation of the naming performance of participants with aphasia to better understand the effects of aphasia on word processing.
Clinical Trial Protocol ID: 
Clinical Trial Investigator Name: 
Richard K. Peach, PhD
Clinical Trial Protocol Description: 

The purpose of this study is to investigate the naming performance of people with aphasia due to stroke using an experimental battery of naming tasks that controls simultaneously for many of the factors that have been found to influence naming in previous studies. Approximately 20 patients will be recruited from Rush University Medical Center for this study.

Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria: 

In order to participate you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a diagnosis of mild to moderate aphasia of six months or greater duration.
  • Are between 21 and 85 years old.
  • Are a native speaker of English.
  • Are right-handed and have at least a 12th grade education.

You will be excluded from the study if any of the following criteria apply to you:

  • Have severe aphasia that prevents you from performing the naming tasks.
  • Have significant visual impairment.

This is a partial list of inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Clinical Trial Area: 
Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease
Contact Phone: 
(312) 942-3293
Contact Name: 
Richard K. Peach, PhD