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Effects of Circadian Misalignment and Alcohol Consumption on COVID-19 Infection in Healthcare Providers

Clinical Trial Title: 
Study on the effects circadian misalignment and alcohol consumption in healthcare providers have on the risk of coronavirus infection and to determine if these factors play a role in worsening symptom severity in COVID-19 patients.
Clinical Trial Protocol ID: 
Clinical Trial Investigator Name: 
Ali Keshavarzian, MD
Clinical Trial Protocol Description: 

The purpose of the proposed study is to determine whether misalignment of central circadian rhythms related to shift work in healthcare providers like registered nurses (RNs) – (a) increases their risk of coronavirus infection, and (b) is associated with worse clinical outcomes, such as symptom severity and need for hospital admission.

Approximately 200,000 participants are expected to take part in this study.

Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria: 

In order to participate you must meet the following criteria:

  • Are between 18 and 69 years of age.
  • Are a nurse as day shift, evening shift, night shift or rotating shift worker in a hospital/out-patient setting.

You will be excluded from the study if any of the following criteria apply to you:

  • Are breast feeding.
  • Are pregnant.
  • Need a surrogate or legal guardian to complete the study.

This is a partial list of inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Clinical Trial Area: 
Contact Phone: 
(312) 563-3892
Contact Name: 
Gabriella Sanzo