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How Medicine Should Be

When you’re sick, you want someone on your side. You want solutions — and, ultimately, you want to feel better. Clinicians at Rush are driven to help you find those solutions. 

And while we really like seeing our patients, we like it even more when they are home getting back to their lives. 

Jackie's Story

Jackie and her husband had three young children at home when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rush’s team approach to treating her cancer made all the difference for Jackie, who is now able to focus on what matters most — her family.

Nancy's Story

Nancy was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 34 and spent much of her adult life in debilitating pain. Now Nancy feels “so much better, pain-free” thanks to orthopedic surgeons and rheumatologists at Rush.

Tyler's Story

Before his Crohn’s was under control, Tyler dropped 40 pounds, was on a feeding tube, and didn’t have the strength to participate in his usual activities. Now Tyler is in remission and back to playing the sports he loves.

Read more about it in Tylers and his mom’s blog post and his doctor’s post.

Eddie's Story

At 80 years old and with significant heart problems, Eddie thought it was just his time to go. Instead, the Rush team treated his heart issues and helped Eddie get his rhythm back.

Eman's Story

Eman began losing her hearing at age 16. Over the years, Eman saw “tons of” doctors who couldn’t tell her what was happening — until she came to Rush. Learn what her doctor discovered in Eman’s blog post.

Margaret's Story

Margaret was told her cancer was a death sentence. She came to Rush for a second opinion. Through a clinical trial at Rush, she found a treatment option that keeps her cancer at bay — and her dancing.

Read more about it in Margaret’s blog post.

Margaret Cooper

Matt's Story

When Matt injured his hip while training for the Boston Marathon, he turned to orthopedic specialists at Rush for help. After arthroscopic surgery, he’s back in action, running strong.  Read more in blog posts by Matt and his doctor.

Matt Aaronson

Care at Rush

Tyler, Eddie and Eman tell how doctors at Rush diagnosed their health conditions and helped them get better.


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