Skin Biopsy, Immunofluorescence

CPT CODE: 88307; 88346
TEST INFORMATION: Test includes anti-IgG, anti-IgA, anti-IgM, anti-C3, anti-Clq, antifibrinogen immunofluorescence
DAYS PERFORMED: Mon-Fri, 0730-1700
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Outside institutions should contact Client Service Representative (312-942-7958) for submission and transport protocol.
CONTAINER TYPE: Weighted polypropylene vial, isopentane, liquid nitrogen filled thermos, obtain from Laboratory Receiving Station, Rm 508 Jelke.
COLLECTION: Take biopsies from the following sites: If pemphigus or bullous pemphigoid is suspected and fresh lesions are present, take a 3 mm biopsy at the edge of the bulla. If only old lesions are available, biopsy adjacent area. If dermatitis herpetiformis is suspected, biopsy lesion and uninvolved area around lesions. If systemic lupus erythematosus is suspected, biopsy sun-exposed normal skin, preferably the wrist or deltoid area.
SPECIMEN REQUIREMENTS: 3 mm skin punch biopsy or mucous membrane biopsy
REJECTION CRITERIA: Formalin-fixed tissue, improper or discrepant labeling.
HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: Specimen submitted fresh or in saline-moistened gauze should be placed into the vial with isopentane after the isopentane has been precooled in liquid nitrogen. The vial with the specimens should then be immersed in the liquid nitrogen and transported immediately.