Lymphoma Protocol

CPT CODE: 88307
TEST INFORMATION: Test includes tissue for histologic diagnosis; touch preparations; tissue snap-frozen for immunophenotyping; gene rearrangement, and other molecular diagnosis studies; flow cytometric phenotyping.
DAYS PERFORMED: Mon-Fri, 0800-1700
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Indicate if previous lymphoma diagnosis is documented. Indicate relevant clinical history for requesting that these special studies be performed. Indicate HIV status. Indicate if microbial cultures were separately submitted. If available, indicate referring hematologist and/or oncologist. If microbial cultures are desired, they should be taken in O.R. suite and submitted separately.
CONTAINER TYPE: Sterile specimen container without fixative
REJECTION CRITERIA: Formalin fixed tissue improper or discrepant labeling
MINIMUM VOLUME: 2 g with flow phenotyping, 1 g without flow phenotyping
HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: Deliver specimen to the laboratory immediately after removal. Do not refrigerate specimen.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Contact pathologist on service for additional information or to consult on special studies for a given patient.