Kidney Biopsy

CPT CODE: 88307
TEST INFORMATION: Test includes light microscopy, PAS stain, Jones stain, trichrome stain, immunofluorescent studies, and if indicated electron microscopy
DAYS PERFORMED: Mon-Fri, 0800-1640
TURNAROUND TIME: Routine: 24 hours; immunofluorescent studies: 48 hours; electron microscopy: 1 week
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Outside institutions should contact Client Service Representative (312-942-5000 x27563) for submission and transport protocol.
COLLECTION: Ideally three pieces of tissue are needed. One piece is placed in 10% buffered formalin for light microscopy; one is placed in cold glutaraldehyde fixative for electron microscopy; and one is placed in isopentane and immersed in liquid nitrogen for immunofluorescent studies.
SPECIMEN REQUIREMENTS: Fresh kidney tissue with no added fixative
REJECTION CRITERIA: Improper fixation
LIMITATIONS OF TEST: Tissue fixed in formalin cannot be used for electron microscopy or immunofluorescent studies.
TEST SYNONYM(S):Renal Biopsy