CPT CODE: 88300; 88302; 88304; 88305; 88307; 88309
TEST INFORMATION: Test includes gross examination and description, microscopic examination, and/or diagnosis.
DAYS PERFORMED: Mon-Fri, 0730-1700
TURNAROUND TIME: 24 hours for diagnostic biopsies; 48 hours for routine surgical specimens. Specimens requiring decalcification or special studies may have a longer turnaround time.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: All specimens must be appropriately labeled and transported in designated specimen transport bags. Specific specimen site, clinical diagnosis, and pertinent clinical history must be indicated. Surgeon must make prior arrangements, including cost center assignment, with Biomedical Photography if specimen photographs are required.
CONTAINER TYPE: Biopsy specimens should be placed in a 10% buffered formalin specimen container. Resection specimens should be transported immediately after removal in a sterile manner to the Laboratory Receiving Station, Rm 508 Jelke, and handed to a technician.
SPECIMEN REQUIREMENTS: Biopsy or resection specimens
REJECTION CRITERIA: Improper or discrepant labeling, O.R. specimens with invalid "barcode" ID label
MINIMUM VOLUME: All tissue removed must be submitted for examination, documentation and/or histologic evaluation per hospital.
HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: Mon-Fri, 0730-1700 O.R. "barcoded" specimens should be transported to the Laboratory Receiving Station. All other specimens and O.R. specimens after 1700 should be transported to Rush Medical Laboratories Specimen Desk, Rm 470 Jelke.
LIMITATIONS OF TEST: Tissue fixed in formalin cannot be used or are less than optimal for bacteriological culture, electron microscopy, certain types of immunohistochemistry, hormone receptor assay, certain types of histochemistry, or frozen sections.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Cultures of tissue are best taken in the O.R. where a sterile field exists. A tissue should be placed in an anaerobic tube with requests for smear, culture, anaerobic culture, AFB, and fungus. Bullets and shotgun pellets must be submitted in a sterile specimen container and hand carried to the laboratory for documentation purposes.
TEST SYNONYM(S):Biopsy; Pathologic Examination