Schlichter Test

CPT CODE: 87197 (each)
CDM NUMBER: 3421057 (each)
TEST INFORMATION: This test is used to determine the maximum dilution of the serum or body fluid, MBD, which is bacteridical for the patient`s infecting bacterium; monitor total therapeutic effect.
DAYS PERFORMED: Monday-Thursday
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: If a Schlichter test is desired, the physician must request that the laboratory save the patient`s isolate (if from other than a sterile body site) within 7 days of submission of specimen for initial culture. If the isolate has not been saved, the test cannot be performed. Requisition MUST state all current antibiotic therapy. Time of specimen collection should be indicated on requisition.
CONTAINER TYPE: Red topVacutainer tube
COLLECTION: Specimen should be collected just before or within 15 minutes of the next antibiotic dose to obtain a TROUGH level. Specimen should be collected within 15-30 minutes after the end of an IV infusion, 45-60 minutes after an IM injection, or 90 minutes after oral intake to obtain a PEAK level.
SPECIMEN REQUIREMENTS: Blood (serum), bacterial isolate causing infection
REJECTION CRITERIA: Blood: excessive hemolysis, gross contamination of specimen, chylous serum, improper storage of specimen, inappropriate specimen container, insufficient specimen volume, specimen submitted in an SST tube. Isolate: isolate not saved, isolate non-viable.
HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: The blood specimen should be transported as soon as possible. When transportation is delayed, refrigerate.
REFERENCE RANGE: Generally, the peak bactericidal activity should be observed at >1:8 dilution.
LIMITATIONS OF TEST: Results will reflect the combined in-vitro effect of all antimicrobial agents present in the patient`s serum or body fluid on the infecting organism(s). Results are accurate to plus or minus one dilution. Serum inhibitory dilution will be reported. A serum inhibitory titer might suggest an adequate therapeutic level, but would give no clue to potential toxicity, when an extremely narrow margin exists between a therapeutically adequate dose and a possibly toxic one(i.e. aminoglycosides).
METHODOLOGY: Serial tube dilution.

Commercial laboratory

TEST SYNONYM(S):Serum Cidal Test