Ova and Parasites, Stool

CPT CODE: 87177; 87207
TEST INFORMATION: The test includes a wet preparation (saline), concentration procedure, and Trichrome stain.
DAYS PERFORMED: Monday - Saturday
TURNAROUND TIME: Preliminary reports available after 24 hours. Complete reports may require 2-4 days after receipt of the specimen based upon the findings.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: The requisition or order MUST specify if the specimen is to be examined for Cryptosporidium, Isospora, and/or Cyclospora.
CONTAINER TYPE: Sealed plastic feces container, no preservative; sealed sterile or nonsterile clean container; clients: Para-Pak vial (Ecofix)
COLLECTION: Specimens obtained with a warm saline enema or Fleet® Phospho®-Soda are acceptable. Specimens obtained with mineral oil, bismuth, iron, or magnesium compounds are unsatisfactory. Wait 10 days to 2 weeks after barium procedures or barium laxatives before collecting stools for examination. The specimen should be collected directly into the plastic feces specimen container (no preservative) or into a bedpan, avoiding contamination with urine or water. Transfer the feces from the bedpan into the plastic feces container or a sealed container.
REJECTION CRITERIA: Specimen on outside of container, insufficient quantity of specimen, inappropriate specimen, specimen submitted in a preservative, specimen contaminated with water and/or urine, inappropriate specimen container, specimen submitted on a diaper or tissue paper, insufficient specimen volume, specimen containing interfering substances (i.e. castor oil, bismuth, Metamucil®, barium), rectal swab. Only one specimen will be accepted per day unless purged samples are required to be submitted.
MINIMUM VOLUME: 1 mL or 1 gram
HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: Specimen should be transported as soon as possible. When transportation is delayed, refrigerate, unless submitted in Para-Pak vials which should be left at room temperature.
REFERENCE RANGE: No parasites found
LIMITATIONS OF TEST: Wet preparation exams for motile trophozoite observation CANNOT be performed on specimens which arrive in the Clinical Microbiology laboratory longer than 30 minutes after collection or on a preserved specimen.
METHODOLOGY: Wet preparation (saline), concentration, Trichrome stain.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The recommended screening procedure is three random stool specimens over a 5-7 day period. Amebas and certain other parasites cannot be observed in stools containing barium. Formed stools are more suitable for amebic cyst and helminth egg recovery. Soft or liquid stools (either normally passed or obtained by purgation) are more suitable for protozoan trophozoites. Stools that arrive in the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory in less than 1 hour need not be preserved. Specimens that do NOT arrive within 1 hour should be preserved so as to maintain the integrity of the parasites. A Trichrome stained smear will be prepared. Warning: Any stool collected by or from the patient may harbor pathogens which are IMMEDIATELY infective. Use extreme caution when Entamoeba histolytica, Hymenolepis nana, Strongyloides species, and Taenia species are suspected/reported.
TEST SYNONYM(S):O and P; Ova and Parasites; Parasites, Stool; Parasitology Examination; Stool for Ova and Parasites