Mycobacterium Susceptibility Testing

CERNER / EPIC MNEMONIC: Not orderable in LIS
POE DESCRIPTION: Not orderable in PCIS
CPT CODE: 87190 (each drug)
TEST INFORMATION: The assay consists of testing a pure culture isolate of mycobacteria against a battery of antimycobacterial drugs at appropriate concentrations.
TURNAROUND TIME: Susceptibility results for appropriate mycobacterial isolates will be available 2 weeks after isolation of the organism via conventional culture.
SPECIMEN REQUIREMENTS: Pure culture isolate of Mycobacterium species
REJECTION CRITERIA: Isolate non-viable, susceptibility previously performed on the same isolate from the same type of specimen within 4 weeks of the original isolate, antibiotic requested not available.
REFERENCE RANGE: Variable depending upon the organism and antimycobacterial drug.
LIMITATIONS OF TEST: Susceptibilities cannot be performed directly (i.e. on specimens) or on mixed cultures.
METHODOLOGY: Disk diffusion, E-test, agar elution, radiometric. Method dependent upon the isolate and the antimycobacterial drug to be tested.  Performed in reference laboratory.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The susceptibility test is used to determine the in-vitro susceptibility of an isolate to a battery of antimycobacterial drugs at appropriate concentrations. Results are interpreted as susceptible (S) or resistant (R). MIC`s (minimum inhibitory concentrations) may also be reported depending upon the method used for testing.Susceptibility testing will routinely be performed for the following isolates only: M. tuberculosis complex, M. kansasii, M. chelonae complex, and M. fortuitum. Drug susceptibility testing of other atypical mycobacterial isolates will ONLY be performed by special request. Susceptibility testing will be performed ONLY on the first mycobacterial isolate from each specimen type per patient. Additional susceptibilities may be performed after a period of 4 weeks for patients` with suspected treatment failure. The battery of drugs routinely tested will vary by isolate and/or physician request. Usual serum levels in micrograms/mL are found in the table. Refer to Mycobacterium Therapy Drug Monitoring for additional information.
TEST SYNONYM(S):TB Susceptibility Testing; AFB Susceptibility Testing; Susceptibility Testing, AFB; Susceptibility Testing, TB