Mycobacterium Probes

CERNER / EPIC MNEMONIC: Not orderable in LIS
POE DESCRIPTION: Not orderable in PCIS
CPT CODE: 87797 (each probe)
DAYS PERFORMED: Once per week


SPECIMEN REQUIREMENTS: Mycobacterial isolate (pure culture)
REJECTION CRITERIA: Insufficient growth of mycobacterial isolate, mycobacterial isolate non-viable.
REFERENCE RANGE: No M. avium complex detected

No M. tuberculosis complex detected

No M. kansasii detected

No M. gordonae detected

METHODOLOGY: Nonisotopic nucleic acid probes
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Mycobacterium Probes are used to rapidly identify isolates of the M. avium complex, the M. tuberculosis complex, M. kansasii, and/or M. gordonae. The M. avium complex probe includes M. avium and M. intracellulare. The M. tuberculosis complex probe includes M. tuberculosis, M. bovis, and M. africanum. A Mycobacterium culture MUST be performed in order for a mycobacterial susceptibility test to be performed.
TEST SYNONYM(S):TB probe; MAC Probe; M. avium complex Probe; M. gordonae Probe; M. kansasii Probe