Limulus Test, Solutions

CPT CODE: 87999
TEST INFORMATION: The test includes a qualitative determination of the outer membrane lipopolysaccharide (i.e. gram-negative endotoxin) in solutions..
DAYS PERFORMED: Monday-Friday, 0800-1430
TURNAROUND TIME: 1-3 days. Specimens received before 1430 Monday through Friday will have the results reported the same day.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Specimen CANNOT be shared with any other laboratory UNLESS the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory receives the specimen FIRST.
CONTAINER TYPE: Sterile pyrogen-free tubes. Tubes that are sterile only are not acceptable.
COLLECTION: Collect specimen using aseptic technique. Place the specimen in a sterile, pyrogen-free tube.
SPECIMEN REQUIREMENTS: Solutions, including drug samples.
REJECTION CRITERIA: Inappropriate specimen container (i.e. nonpyrogen-free, nonsterile), collection tube opened and sample used for other test procedures prior to performance of Limulus test, insufficient specimen volume, specimen left at room temperature longer than 1 hour.
MINIMUM VOLUME: 0.5 mL supernatant fluid
HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: Specimen should be transported as soon as possible (within 1 hour of collection/preparation). When transportation is delayed, refrigerate. Do NOT freeze.
REFERENCE RANGE: No endotoxin detected
LIMITATIONS OF TEST: Contamination with Pseudomonas species, Bacteroides species, and/or Proteus species require high concentrations of endotoxin to yield a positive reaction. The test is inhibited by albumin binding to endotoxin; results may therefore be inconclusive with high protein fluids. False positives may result from contamination due to improper preparation and/or handling. The test does NOT identify the pathogen. The test does NOT replace Gram stain and culture.
TEST SYNONYM(S):Limulus Amebocyte Lysate Test; Limulus Assay for Endotoxin