Gram Stain

CPT CODE: 87205
TEST INFORMATION: The test includes Gram stain ONLY. A culture will NOT be performed unless specifically requested.
DAYS PERFORMED: Daily, 24 hours
TURNAROUND TIME: 2 hours after receipt of the specimen in the laboratory
CONTAINER TYPE: Sealed sterile container, Copan Swab® II
COLLECTION: Refer to the specific culture procedure for additional information.
SPECIMEN REQUIREMENTS: Duplicate of specimen submitted for culture. Refer to the specific culture procedure for additional information.
REJECTION CRITERIA: Specimen submitted in a blood culture vial, inappropriate specimen container, dry swab, blood specimen, catheter tip specimen, insufficient specimen quantity.
MINIMUM VOLUME: 1 mL or one swab. Separate swab must be submitted if a routine culture is also requested.
HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: Specimen should be transported as soon as possible. When transportation is delayed, leave at room temperature.
REFERENCE RANGE: Dependent upon site of specimen.
LIMITATIONS OF TEST: Isolation and identification of microorganisms will be performed ONLY if a culture is requested. If a swab is used, a separate swab MUST be submitted for the culture. Gram stains of urine specimens are performed on unspun specimens. Viable and nonviable organisms will be observed.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: All Gram stains are examined for the presence or absence of white blood cells (indicative of infection), red blood cells, squamous epithelial cells (indicative of mucosal contamination), and microorganisms.Urine Gram stains are reported as less than, equal to, or greater than one organism per oil immersion field. One or more organisms indicates 100,000 organisms/mL of specimen.Gram stains will routinely be performed on the following specimens when submitted for routine aerobic culture: normally sterile body fluids, wounds, sputums, Leuken`s, and bronchials.
TEST SYNONYM(S):Direct Smear, Bacterial; Routine Stain, Bacterial; Smear, Gram Stain