Antibiotic Susceptibility

CERNER / EPIC MNEMONIC: Not orderable in LIS
POE DESCRIPTION: Not orderable in POE
CPT CODE: 87186 or 87174 or 87181 (each drug)
TEST INFORMATION: The test includes routine testing of a variety of antibiotics against an isolated organism. The types of antibiotics tested depends on the body site, as well as, the organism identification.
DAYS PERFORMED: Daily, 0700-1500
TURNAROUND TIME: 24-72 hours after isolation of bacterium to be tested
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: A specified battery of antibiotics are routinely tested. If additional antibiotics are requested, consult the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory at (312)942-5452 within 7 days of submission of specimen for culture.
SPECIMEN REQUIREMENTS: Organism isolated from patient`s specimen (pure culture isolate)
REJECTION CRITERIA: Organism discarded prior to physician request for special antimicrobial testing, antibiotic requested not available, nonviable organism.
REFERENCE RANGE: Variable, depending upon the organism and the antibiotic.
LIMITATIONS OF TEST: Nonviable microorganisms.

Kirby-Bauer; E-test; automated minimum inhibitory concentrations.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Antibiotics not yet FDA approved may be tested on a research only basis. Results are interpreted as susceptible (S), intermediate (I), or resistant (R). MIC`s (minimum inhibitory concentrations) may also be reported depending upon the isolate and/or the method used for testing.


TEST SYNONYM(S):E Test Susceptibility Testing, Kirby-Bauer