Antibiotic MIC/MBC

CPT CODE: 87186 or 87181 (each drug); 87187 (each drug)
TEST INFORMATION: The test is used to determine the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimum bactericidal (MBC) concentration of an antibiotic for a given organism.
DAYS PERFORMED: Monday-Friday, 0700-1400
TURNAROUND TIME: 2-4 days after isolation of bacterium to be tested.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: The patient`s organism must be saved at the request of the physician. The request must be received by the laboratory within 7 days of initial specimen culture submission in order to perform the testing. If the isolate has not been saved, the test cannot be performed. The physician must specify antimicrobial agent(s) to be tested. Antibiotic(s) tested depend upon the organism identification.
SPECIMEN REQUIREMENTS: Organism isolated from patient`s specimen (pure culture isolate)
REJECTION CRITERIA: Organism discarded prior to physician request for testing; organism non-viable. The laboratory will consult the physician on the appropriateness of the requested test.
REFERENCE RANGE: Variable depending upon the organism and the antibiotic
LIMITATIONS OF TEST: If an organism fails to grow, the test will be reported as isolate non-viable for MIC/MBC testing.
METHODOLOGY: Variable dependant upon the organism (i.e. E-test; macrotube dilution; microtiter dilution).
REFERRAL LABORATORY: Commercial laboratory
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: MBC`s will NOT automatically be determined when an MIC is requested. MBC`s must be ordered separately. Antibiotics not yet FDA approved may be tested on a research use only basis.
TEST SYNONYM(S):E Test Susceptibility Testing, Unusual Antimicrobial Agents; MIC/MBC, Unusual and/or Fastidious Isolates