Potassium, Quantitative, Urine

CERNER / EPIC MNEMONIC: RU/K (random urine); U/K (24-hour urine)

Urine Potassium Random; Urine Potassium Timed

CPT CODE: Random = 84133; Timed = 84133; 81050
TEST INFORMATION: Results are reported as mmol of potassium per total volume of urine submitted. Normal range is based on 24-hour collection.
DAYS PERFORMED: Specimen accepted daily, 24 hours
TURNAROUND TIME: Stat: 1 hour (random urine only); Routine: 8 hours
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: For timed urine collection, instruct the patient to void at the beginning of the collection period and discard the specimen. Then collect all urine including the final specimen voided at the end of the collection period. Containers must be labeled with patient`s full name, room number, date and time collection started, and date and time collection finished.

Random Sterile 80 ml specimen container; Timed 24 hour urine container (Bottle #1) with no preservative


Random or 24 hour urine

MINIMUM VOLUME: Random urine: 1 mL; Timed urine: Submit entire urine collection to the laboratory.
HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: Refrigerate during collection.
REFERENCE RANGE: Random urine: None established; Timed urine: 25-120 mmol/24 hours (varies with diet)
TEST SYNONYM(S):K, Urine; Urine K; Urine Potassium