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Rush Radiosurgery offers the latest in advanced radiosurgery technology, TrueBeam STx. A powerful, noninvasive radiosurgery system, TrueBeam STx destroys cancerous and benign tumors with high-dose, highly accurate radiation beams while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

This pinpoint accuracy allows our physicians to treat difficult-to-reach tumors that may have been impossible to treat in the past. By delivering high-dose radiation beams that match the shape of the tumor being treated, TrueBeam STx also significantly reduces treatment time. A typical session takes about 15 minutes, reducing potential errors that can occur in longer-lasting procedures.

Rush Radiosurgery treats cancers of the brain, spine, pancreas, prostate, kidney, liver and lung. We also treat certain other medical conditions like trigeminal neuralgia and arteriovenous malformations. Treatment with TrueBeam STx may not be suitable for everyone, but our physicians are available to help determine if this treatment is best for you.

To learn more, visit or call (312) 942-4600.

A joint venture between Rush University Medical Center and U.S. Radiosurgery, Rush Radiosurgery is a clinical service of Rush University Medical Center.

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