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The Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., founder and president of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and one of America's foremost civil rights, religious and political figures, underwent a successful partial knee replacement surgery at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago last month.

The procedure, a minimally invasive partial knee replacement, was performed on his left knee by Richard Berger, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Rush University Medical Center and assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Rush Medical College.

"The surgery went very well, and Reverend Jackson should make a full recovery," said Berger.

Jackson will undergo the usual three to six weeks of physical therapy following discharge. He will continue to work out of the Rainbow/PUSH Chicago headquarters and his home.

Background on the surgical procedure
The minimally invasive joint replacement procedure used for both partial and full joint replacements was pioneered at Rush. The technique for knee arthroplasty does not cut the quadriceps muscle and quadriceps tendon to access the knee. The knee procedure is performed through one small, three- to four-inch incision instead of a large, eight- to 12-inch incision. This approach reduces pain by sparing muscles and tendons that are customarily cut during standard knee replacement surgery. Because there is less cutting of muscle and less blood loss, less anesthesia is required and the recovery time is greatly reduced. The patient is out of surgery in less than two hours.

In a recent study, orthopedic surgeons at Rush University Medical Center found that 96 percent of patients who had minimally invasive total knee replacement surgery were able to go home the same day, without complications, and many walk out unassisted or with a cane.

Berger has performed more than 400 minimally invasive knee replacement procedures.

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