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Clinical Services at Rush Heart Resources

To provide further information, we have compiled a list of heart content from Rush resources, including our newsletters and blogs. Take a look at the following links to learn more about how to manage different heart conditions, as well as the unique treatment options offered by Rush:

Discover Rush
Rush’s print newsletter features articles on health and medical topics.

What's Up With My Blood Pressure?
What to do about high blood pressure.

Trouble En Route
Options for clearing blocked artery connections.

Your Heart's Electrical System
How electrical charges keep the heart pumping and how to address it when they go awry.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 ... White-Coat Hypertension
Raised blood pressure during times of stress is related to a significantly greater risk of developing sustained high blood pressure.

Heart Attack: Know the Symptoms
Common heart attack symptoms.

Heart Disease Doesn’t Happen Overnight
Risk factors that lead to heart disease.

Congenital Heart Disease
Minimally invasive procedures for congenital heart defects.

You’ve Gotta Have Heart
The effects of various emotions on your heart health.

Heart by the Numbers
Guide to blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index and blood glucose levels.

Heart Disease: Looking Out for No. 1
A patient’s story about beating heart disease.

Discover Rush Online
Rush’s e-newsletter provides fresh health information, medical news and helpful tips for maintaining your health.

The Buzz on ... Heart Failure
New approaches to treating heart failure.

To Your Health: Teaming Up to Prevent Heart Disease
Ensuring long-term success in preventing heart disease by teaming up with nurses, nutritionists and behaviorists.

The Buzz on ... Valve Disease
Treating valve disease without the risks of open surgery.

A New Hybrid for Heart Repair
Cardiac facility couples two separate treatment options.

Listening to Your Heart: Preventing Cardiovascular Disease
Paying attention to your health habits for heart disease prevention.

The Heritage of a Woman's Heart
How a woman’s ethnicity affects her risk for heart disease.

Keeping Hearts Young
Provide a solid foundation for your children’s future health through by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Rush Videos
A compilation of Rush's videos on its YouTube page.

The Outpatient Chest Pain Center at Rush
The first center of its kind in Chicago to provide patients with a cardiac chest pain evaluation and heart attack risk assessment in a single visit.

Congenital and structural heart defects
Ziyad Hijazi, MD, an interventional cardiologist at Rush, describes the advanced treatment options for congenital and structural heart defects.

Heart failure and transplant
Specialists answer frequently asked questions about the causes and symptoms of heart failure, as well as the treatments available for this complex condition.

Cardiac surgery
Two Rush specialists answer frequently asked questions about adult cardiac surgery.

Rush InPerson
A forum for doctors, nurses, professors, students and patients to share their experiences about life at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

Where to draw the line on cholesterol
Heather Rasmussen, PhD, RD, a dietician at Rush, provides facts about cholesterol.

Avoiding winter heart attacks
Protecting yourself when the weather gets colder.

Taking care of your heart by managing stress
Ways to decreasing stress to support a healthy heart.

Managing chronic heart disease
James E. Calvin, MD, a cardiologist at Rush, offers tips for patients.

Tips for maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle
A dietitian gives advice for maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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