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Clinical Services at Rush Pediatric Sleep Lab - Parent Information

Visiting a sleep disorder center for a sleep study is likely to be a new experience for you. The following information will help you learn more about testing procedures so that your experience will be easy and interesting.

Sleep study is considered the "gold standard" to accurately diagnose sleep disorders. The technician will discuss with you the sleep study procedure on the day of the study.

Preparing for a sleep study

  1. On the day of the sleep study, your child should avoid caffeine (coffee, tea, soda, cola, chocolate) after 12 p.m. Avoid naps during the day as well.
  2. Shampoo and blow dry your child’s hair.
  3. Do not use hair spray, oil or gel.
  4. Do not give your child sleeping medication without first consulting your healthcare professional.
  5. Please bring your child regular medications. You are responsible for administering these medications the night of study. We have a refrigerator for medications. Please try to have your dinner before coming for the sleep study.
  6. If your child needs special care (needs help to get in and out of bed), you will be responsible for helping him/her transition into bed. The technologist will assist.
  7. Please expect to fill out some necessary medical forms before the study.
  8. We encourage you to bring anything that will make your child feel comfortable (pajamas, pillows, favorite blanket, stuffed animals, DVDs, etc.). The purpose is to make your child as comfortable as possible. Your child needs to dress in comfortable sleeping clothes.

Arriving at the sleep center

  1. Arrive at the sleep center at the specified time. Your technician will greet you and show you the bedroom. You will need to complete some paperwork. There will be a waiting period before the technician gets your child ready for the sleep study to change into nightclothes.
  2. The sleep study preparation requires applying sensors, which are small discs (called electrodes), to the skin using an adhesive paste. The paste is washable with soap and water. These electrodes help monitor different parameters of your child’s sleep, including brain activity, air flow through the nose and mouth and oxygen level in the body. Your child will be able to move, roll over and change position. Throughout the night, your child will be monitored by the technician with a camera and speaker phone. The parent will be provided a place to sleep in the same room or next door. You will be able to go home in the morning after completion of the study. Your sleep physician will communicate with you the result of the sleep study in about 10 days.
  3. If your child is scheduled for a CPAP titration treatment study, he/she will be asked to wear a mask and use air pressure through the mask to treat sleep apnea. Your child will be allowed to get comfortable with the mask before actual study. Your technologist will help your child with the mask.
  4. The equipment used in preparation for the sleep study is painless. Most children tolerate the procedure well. There is no needle involved. Your child will be able to use the restroom and a technician will help you.
  5. If you know beforehand that your child may not be able to attend the sleep study for any reason, please contact us as early as possible to reschedule the sleep study at (312) 942-3034. This will help us accommodate other patients who are waiting for their sleep studies.

We hope that your experience at our sleep center will be memorable. Please be sure to fill out a quality assurance questionnaire before you leave.

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