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Clinical Services at Rush Scholarly Publications (1991-1999)

Below find selected scholarly publications featuring research conducted by Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center investigators.


Arvanitakis Z, Long RL, Hershfield ES, Manfreda J, Kabani A, Kunimoto D, Power C. M. tuberculosis molecular variation in CNS infection: evidence for strain-dependent neurovirulence. Neurology. 1998 Jun; 50(6):1827-32. (Click here for abstract.)

Arvanitakis Z, Tounsi H, Pillon B, Dubois B. [Fronto-temporal dementia: a clinical approach] Revue neurologique. 1999 Feb; 155(2):113-9. (Click here for abstract.)

Beckett LA, Wilson RS, Bennett DA, Morris MC. Around the WORLD backward: an algorithm for scoring the MMSE WORLD item. Neurology. 1997 Jun; 48(6):1733-4. No abstract available.

Bennett DA, Beckett LA, Murray AM, Shannon KM, Goetz CG, Pilgrim DM, Evans DA. Prevalence of parkinsonian signs and associated mortality in a community population of older people. The New England journal of medicine. 1996 Jan 11; 334(2):71-6. (Click here for abstract.)

Bennett DA, Beckett LA, Wilson RS, Murray AM, Evans DA. Parkinsonian signs and mortality from Alzheimer's disease. Lancet. 1998 May 30; 351(9116):1631. No abstract available.

Bennett DA, Cochran EJ, Saper CB, Leverenz JB, Gilley DW, Wilson RS. Pathological changes in frontal cortex from biopsy to autopsy in Alzheimer's disease. Neurobiology of aging. 1993 Nov-Dec; 14(6):589-96. (Click here for abstract.)

Bennett DA, Gilley DW, Lee S, Cochran EJ. White matter changes: neurobehavioral manifestations of Binswanger's disease and clinical correlates in Alzheimer's disease. Dementia (Basel, Switzerland). 1994 May-Aug; 5(3-4):148-52. (Click here for abstract.)

Bennett DA, Gilley DW, Wilson RS, Huckman MS, Fox JH. Clinical correlates of high signal lesions on magnetic resonance imaging in Alzheimer's disease. Journal of neurology. 1992 Apr; 239(4):186-90. (Click here for abstract.)

Bennett DA, Knopman DS. Alzheimer's disease: a comprehensive approach to patient management. Geriatrics. 1994 Aug; 49(8):20-6. (Click here for abstract.)

Bennett DA, Shannon KM, Beckett LA, Goetz CG, Wilson RS. Metric properties of nurses' ratings of parkinsonian signs with a modified Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale. Neurology. 1997 Dec; 49(6):1580-7. (Click here for abstract.)

Bennett DA, Shannon KM, Beckett LA, Wilson RS. Dimensionality of parkinsonian signs in aging and Alzheimer's disease. The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences. 1999 Apr; 54(4):M191-6. (Click here for abstract.)

Cornblath WT, Butter CM, Barnes LL, Hasselbach MM. Spatial characteristics of cerebral polyopia: a case study. Vision research. 1998 Dec ; 38(24):3965-78. (Click here for abstract.)

Fleischman DA, Gabrieli J. Long-term memory in Alzheimer's disease. Current opinion in neurobiology. 1999 Apr ; 9(2):240-4. (Click here for abstract.)

Fleischman DA, Gabrieli JD, Reminger SL, Vaidya CJ, Bennett DA. Object decision priming in Alzheimer's disease. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society : JINS. 1998 Sep ; 4(5):435-46. (Click here for abstract.)

Fleischman DA, Gabrieli JD. Repetition priming in normal aging and Alzheimer's disease: a review of findings and theories. Psychology and aging. 1998 Mar ; 13(1):88-119. (Click here for abstract.)

Fleischman DA, Vaidya CJ, Lange KL, Gabrieli JD. A dissociation between perceptual explicit and implicit memory processes. Brain and cognition. 1997 Oct ; 35(1):42-57. (Click here for abstract.)

Gabrieli JD, Vaidya CJ, Stone M, Francis WS, Thompson-Schill SL, Fleischman DA, Tinklenberg JR, Yesavage JA, Wilson RS. Convergent behavioral and neuropsychological evidence for a distinction between identification and production forms of repetition priming. Journal of experimental psychology. General. 1999 Dec ; 128(4):479-98. (Click here for abstract.)

Melov S, Schneider JA, Day BJ, Hinerfeld D, Coskun P, Mirra SS, Crapo JD, Wallace DC. A novel neurological phenotype in mice lacking mitochondrial manganese superoxide dismutase. Nature genetics. 1998 Feb; 18(2):159-63. (Click here for abstract.)

Park SM, Gabrieli JD, Reminger SL, Monti LA, Fleischman DA, Wilson RS, Tinklenberg JR, Yesavage JA. Preserved priming across study-test picture transformations in patients with Alzheimer's disease. Neuropsychology. 1998 Jul ; 12(3):340-52. (Click here for abstract.)

Qureshi AI, Wilmot G, Dihenia B, Schneider JA, Krendel DA. Motor neuron disease with parkinsonism. Archives of neurology. 1996 Oct; 53(10):987-91. (Click here for abstract.)

Schneider JA, Gearing M, Robbins RS, de l'Aune W, Mirra SS. Apolipoprotein E genotype in diverse neurodegenerative disorders. Annals of neurology. 1995 Jul; 38(1):131-5. (Click here for abstract.)

Schneider JA, Mirra SS. Neuropathologic correlates of persistent neurologic deficit in lithium intoxication. Annals of neurology. 1994 Dec; 36(6):928-31. (Click here for abstract.)

Schneider JA, Watts RL, Gearing M, Brewer RP, Mirra SS. Corticobasal degeneration: neuropathologic and clinical heterogeneity. Neurology. 1997 Apr; 48(4):959-69. (Click here for abstract.)

Thompson-Schill SL, Gabrieli JD, Fleischman DA. Effects of structural similarity and name frequency on picture naming in Alzheimer's disease. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society : JINS. 1999 Nov ; 5(7):659-67. (Click here for abstract.)

Wagner AD, Stebbins GT, Masciari F, Fleischman DA, Gabrieli JD. Neuropsychological dissociation between recognition familiarity and perceptual priming in visual long-term memory. Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior. 1998 Sep ; 34(4):493-511. (Click here for abstract.)

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Scholarly Publications
1991-1999 Scholarly Publications
Scholarly Publications (1991-1999)

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