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Clinical Services at Rush Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy


History of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is the first and only nonsystemic and noninvasive treatment for depression. The name of the device is NeuroStar TMS Therapy, which was cleared by the FDA in 2008 for the treatment of adult patients who failed to receive adequate benefit from prior antidepressant medication.

How it Works

Transcranial magnetic stimulation works by delivering highly focused MRI-strength magnetic pulses to non-invasively stimulate the brain in the region associated with mood regulation. TMS therapy at Rush is an outpatient procedure performed by medical professionals. It does not require anesthesia or sedation and patients remain awake and alert during the treatment session. Each treatment lasts just under 40 minutes and is typically administered daily for four to six weeks. The number of treatments depends on each patient's response to treatment.

The patient sits in a reclined chair and the coil is placed over the left forehead area (see above). The treatment coil generates magnetic fields which turn on and off very rapidly. Patients may experience muscle tension headaches or scalp discomfort at the treatment site. Although rare, there is a risk of seizure with TMS therapy.

TMS Facts

  • Approximately 50 percent of Rush TMS patients experience significant relief of depressive symptoms; 30 percent experience moderate relief in symptoms; and 20 percent experience minimal to no change in depressive symptoms.
  • FDA-approved device for treatment of resistant depression
  • Nonsystemic, noninvasive, 40-minute, outpatient procedure
  • Administered by clinically licensed health care professionals
  • One of the original study sites for the large, multi-site clinical trial that led to the FDA approval of TMS device to treat depression

Patient Care

Our combined years of experience include 15 years of research and over 3,000 TMS treatments administered in our clinic, so we offer the most expertise in the Chicago area. Our team communicates and collaborates with the patient's treating psychiatrist and therapist to address all aspects of their depression. We believe this comprehensive approach maximizes the patient's improvement, with each patient's treatment plan individualized to meet his or her specific needs.


In addition to providing TMS clinically, our center is currently recruiting for two TMS studies for patients who suffer from major depression. To inquire about your eligibility, please call (888) 762-7272.

Testimonials from Patients

"There was this energy in me like I hadn't felt in a long time. It was like something inside of me changed."

"While TMS has truly been beneficial to me; I write because I believe you should be aware that all of the professionals involved in administering the program (indeed, they are the program) are of the highest caliber, providing their services in a truly caring manner."

"I can't believe this actually works! I feel like a brand new person."

TMS Center Brochure
To review or print our brochure download here.

Contact Us

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss NeuroStar TMS Therapy further if you feel that you, a friend, or a loved one may benefit from this approach. TMS is not for everyone. Please contact our office and speak with our staff to see if TMS Therapy is right for you or a loved one. You can leave a message at (888) 762-7272 and we will promptly return your call.

More on TMS

Contact Name Amy J. Rust, RN, BSN, BA, Nurse Clinician II
Contact Phone (888) 762-7272
Contact E-mail


Rush West Campus
2150 W. Harrison St.
Chicago, IL 60612

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Rush West Campus
2150 W. Harrison St.
Chicago, IL 60612

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