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Health on the Go

Four Physicians Share Their Action Plans

We all want to be healthy, but when time is tight, it's harder to make things like diet and exercise a priority. Here's how some doctors at Rush University Medical Center manage to squeeze healthy habits into their busy schedules.

1.  Robert Kimura, MD, director of neonatology, has an emotionally demanding job that invites unhealthy behaviors, but Kimura combats any drawbacks with workday exercise and a positive outlook. He favors walking over riding the shuttle bus to the Metra station 15 blocks away, and he maintains a “glass half full” approach to his work. “I am passionate about what I do,” Kimura says. “This helps reduce stress and increase my sense of satisfaction, which both lead to better health.”

Robert Kimura, MD, professor of pediatrics, associate dean of medical sciences at Rush Medical College and co-director of the Rush Fetal and Neonatal Medicine Program, is investigating the causes of multiorgan failure in patients with infections and therapies to prevent it.

2. Joshua Jacobs, MD, wears many hats in his daily life, including departmental chairperson, researcher and orthopedic surgeon. To help alleviate his work stress, he'll take a brief break during the day to solve a crossword or Sudoku puzzle. And to keep his body as healthy as his mind, he rides his bike throughout the year and often navigates city traffic in order to bike from the northern suburbs to Rush.

Joshua Jacobs, MD, who specializes in total bone and joint replacements, is president-elect of the United States Bone and Joint Decade, a global, multidisciplinary initiative targeting the care of people with bone and joint disorders.

3. To squeeze exercise into his jam-packed schedule, Rush University provost and Rush Medical College dean Thomas Deutsch, MD, takes advantage of the fact that he walks from one end of the Rush campus to the other several times a day to attend meetings. He walks at a brisk pace from one meeting to the next and often takes the stairs instead of elevators to get his heart pumping and burn calories. On his busiest days, Deutsch estimates that he is able to walk more than four miles in total. The steps add up quickly, and a great way to keep track of them is to wear a pedometer to work.

Thomas Deutsch, MD, is the third generation in his family to serve on the faculty and staff at Rush, following his father and grandfather. An ophthalmologist by training, he previously served as chairperson of the Department of Ophthalmology at Rush.

4. Because getting to a gym is too time-consuming for her schedule, Andrea Madrigrano, MD, a breast cancer surgeon, takes advantage of one of the perks of her condominium building. Three times a week, she slips down to the basement to work out on a stationary bike or elliptical trainer. Often rushed, she exercises just 20 minutes per session, which, because she does it several times a week, is just enough time to reap the health benefits of increasing her heart rate.

Andrea Madrigrano, MD, an assistant professor in the Department of Surgery, is participating in a project that addresses the disparity in breast health between black and white women in Chicago.

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