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Journal Articles

Erwin Zeta Mangubat, MD, MPH1 Lisa Pitelka, MD2Guy J. Petruzzelli, MD, PhD, MBA3 Richard W. Byrne, MD1 Frontal sinus schwannoma: case report and review of the literature Skull Base 1(1):017-022 2011

Sandeep Kunwar, Susan Chang, Manfred Westphal, Michael Vogelbaum, John Sampson, Gene Barnett, Mark Shaffrey, Zvi Ram, Joseph Piepmeier,
Michael Prados, David Croteau, Christoph Pedain, Pamela Leland, Syed R. Husain, Bharat H. Joshi, Raj K. Puri and for the PRECISE Study Group‡ Phase III randomized trial of CED of IL13-PE38QQR vs Gliadel wafers for recurrent glioblastoma Neuro Oncol (2010) 12 (8): 871-881. 

Sani S, Smith A, Kanner A, Morrin M, Palac S, Bergen D, Balabonov A, Smith M, Whisler W, Byrne R: Medically intractable temporal lobe epilepsy in patients with normal MRI: Surgical outcome in twenty-one consecutive patients. Seizure 20(6):475-9 Jul 2011

Wallace D, Byrne RW, Ruban D, Cochran E, Whisler WW: Temporal lobe pleomorphic xanthroastrocytomas and chronic epilepsy: Long term surgical outcome. 113(10):918-22 Clin Neurol and Neurosurgery. Dec 2011.

Byrne, RW: Amygdalohippocampectomy In the Loupe, AANS Neurosurgeon Vol 19:2 2010

Byrne, RW: Microvascular decompression for hemifacial spasm, In the Loupe, AANS Neurosurgeon, Vol 20:1 April 2011

Kellogg R, Byrne RW: Resection of low grade glioma of the precentral gyrus using cortical and subcortical stimulation mapping, In the Loupe, AANS Neurosurgeon, 2011

Kellogg R, Byrne RW: Insular abscess-transsylvian approach, In the Loupe, AANS Neurosurgeon, Vol 20:2 September 2011

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Topical papaverine for treatment of intraoperative manipulation vasospasm. In the Loupe AANS Neurosurgeon Vol 21:2 June 2012.

Lad N, Shannon L, Byrne RW: Incidental aneurysms in epilepsy surgery: Report of 3 cases and a review of the literature. 26(1):69-74 Feb 2012 Brit. Journal of Neurosurgery

Falowski S, Byrne RW: Corpus callosotomy with the CO2 laser. Technical Note. 2; 90(3)137-140, Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery March 2012.

Falowski S, Devries J, Wallace D, Kanner A, Smith MC, Byrne RW: Tailored temporal lobectomy in a consecutive series of 221 patients. The effect of extent of resection, Neurosurgery 71(3) 703-9 Sept 2012

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Vannemreddy P, Byrne RW: Advances and limitations of cerebral cortex functional mapping. Contemporary Neurosurgery Vol 33(25):1-7 Dec 2011.

Kellogg R, Byrne RW: Trans-lamina terminalis approach to 3rd ventricular craniopharyngioma. In the Loupe, AANS Neurosurgeon. Vol 21:1 Nov 2012.

Kellogg R, Byrne RW: Transsylvian removal of low grade gliomas. In the Loupe, AANS Neurosurgeon Vol 20:1 Dec 2011.

Peloquin P, Vannemreddy P, Byrne RW: Intracranial cotton gossipiboma mimicking a recurrent meningioma. Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery 114(7):1039-41 Sept 2012.

Yudkowski R, Charbel F, Banerjee, Byrne R, et al: Practice on an augmented reality/haptic simulator and library of virtual brains improves residents’ ability to perform a ventriculostomy. Simulation in Healthcare Vol 8(1): 25-31 Feb 2013 PMID 23117306

Ren Z, Wang Y, Duan T, Liggett T, Loda E, Bramha S, Goswami R, Byrne R, Stefoski D, Javed A, Miller S, Balabanov R: Molecular mimicry between human aquaporin-4 and bacterial aquaporin-Z: A potential trigger for neuromyelitis optica. Journal of Immunology 189:4602-4611, Nov. 2012

Nathan R. Selden, Aviva Abosch, Richard W. Byrne, Robert E. Harbaugh, William E. Krauss, Timothy B. Mapstone, Oren Sagher, Gregory J. Zipfel, Pamela L. Derstine, and Laura Edgar (2013) Neurological Surgery Milestones. Journal of Graduate Medical Education: March 2013, Vol. 5, No. 1s1, pp. 24-35.

Byrne RW: Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Surgery Journal of Neurosurgery Aug:119(2):257-60, 2013 PMID 23706052

Straus D, Moftakhar R, Fink Y, Byrne RW: Laser suction for firm meningiomas. Skull Base DOI May 2013

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Kellogg R, Fontes R, Munoz L, Byrne RW: Far lateral approach. In the Loupe, AANS Neurosurgeon, Vol 22:2 May 2013

Ghods A, Wallace D, Ruban D, Byrne RW: Differentiating ictal panic with low grade gliomas from psychogenic panic. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. 74:(11)1071-1075, Dec 2013.

Selden N, Origitano TC, Hadjipanayis C, Byrne RW: Model based simulation for early neurosurgical learners. Neurosurgery 73:4 suppl:S15-24 Oct. 2013

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Straus D, Byrne RW, Sani S, Moftakhar R: Microsurgical anatomy of the translimin-insula approach to the mesial temporal lobe. Technical considerations. 4:159 Surgical Neurology International Oct 2013

Byrne RW, Langerman M: Let the sunshine in: Preparing for transparency reports under the Sunshine Act. CNS Quarterly Fall 2013

James C. Marsh, M.D., Aidnag Diaz, M.D., Julie A. Wendt, M.D., Benjamin T. Gielda, M.D., Arnold M. Herskovic, M.D., and Richard Byrne, M.D: Involvement of the neural stem cell compartment by low grade gliomas: a retrospective review of 80 cases: Accepted, in press, International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, and Physics. May 2013.

Munich S, Byrne RW: Cerebellar blastomycosis abscess in an immunocompetent patient. Surgical Neurology Int 2013;4:141 Sept 2013

Marsh J, Herskovic A, Byrne R, Godbole R, Smart J, Turian J: Temporal lobectomy for high grade gliomas: Impact on outcomes and implications for postoperative radiation treatment field design. Accepted, in press Cancer and Clinical Oncology Jan 2013

Kellogg R, Straus D, Karmali R, Munoz L, Byrne RW: Impact of therapeutic regimen and clinical presentation in CNS PMID 24078063 doi 10.1007/s00701 Acta Neurochirurgica Oct 2013

Uy B, Tan L, Byrne RW: Recurrent glioblastoma multiforme presenting as a mirror image in the contralateral temporal lobe. Accepted, in press British Journal of Neurosurgery Dec 2013.

Vannemreddy P, Byrne RW: Chronic epilepsy due to low grade temporal tumors and due to hippocampal sclerosis: Do they differ in post-surgical epilepsy outcome? Journal of Neuro-Oncology PMID 23955571 DOI 10.1007/s 11060-013-1217-0 July 2013

Daniel J. DiLorenzo, MD, PhD1, Erwin Z. Mangubat, MD1, Marvin A. Rossi, MD, PhD2, Richard W. Byrne, MD1 : Chronic Unlimited Recording Electrocorticography (CURE) Guided Resective Epilepsy Surgery: Beyond Subacute Monitoring - Technology-enabled enhanced fidelity in seizure focus localization with improved surgical efficacy. Accepted, Journal of Neurosurgery, Nov 2013.

Tan L, Fontes R, Byrne RW: Retrosigmoid approach for extraventricular cerebello-pontine angle choroid plexus papilloma Neurosurgery Focus PMID 24380509 Jan;36:1 2014

Papers Submitted and Under Review

Somenak M, Petruzzelli G, Byrne R, Origitano TC: Surgical Outcomes in olfactory neuroblastoma Submitted Laryngoscope June 2013

Tan L, Musacchio M, Mitchell B, Kapadia S, Patel N, Byrne RW: Simultaneously symptomatic presentation of a meningioma and a contralateral glioblastoma multiforme. Submitted to British Journal of Neurosurgery Jan 2014

Tan L, Boco T, Johnson AK, Rivas FF, Ahmed S, Byrd S, Byrne RW: Newer MR imaging modalities in the evaluation of typical and atypical intracranial meningiomas. Submitted to British Journal of Neurosurgery Jan 2014.

Falowski S, Devries J, Wallace D, Kanner A, Smith MC, Byrne RW: Long term outcome of patients after subdural electrode placement that do not undergo resective surgery. Submitted to Journal of Neurosurgery March 2013

Billingsly J, Wiet RM, Petruzzelli GJ, Byrne RW: Giant cell tumor of the middle fossa. Infratemporal fossa approach Skull Base Submitted 8/13

Falowski S, Dilorenzo D, Byrne RW: Evaluation of complications and operative technique in subdural electrode placement. Seizure Submitted 4/13

Moazzam, A, Ghods A, Byrne RW: Deep brain stimulator lead displacement secondary to ipsilateral selective amygdalohippocampectomy: Case Report. Submitted, Acta Neurochirugica Oct 2013

Shannon L, O’Toole J, Carl R, Weber C, Byrne RW: Non-operative management of a large lumbar subdural hematoma in a boxer. Accepted, in press, Neurosciences Feb. 2013

Fontes R, Smith AP, Munoz L, Byrne RW, Traynelis VC: Relevance of early head CT following neurosurgical procedures: an analysis of 892 intracranial procedures. Submitted to Journal of Neurosurgery Nov 2013.

Gerard C, Straus D, Byrne RW: Evaluation of CT and MRI for intraoperative imaging of insular gliomas. Submitted to Neurosurgery Dec 2013

Jalota A, Rossi M, Byrne RW: Favorable post-resective outcomes in MRI-negative refractory extratemporal localization-related epilepsy using subtraction ictal SPECT co-registered to MRI (SISCOM) Submitted, Journal of Neurosurgery Jan 2014

Book Chapters

Byrne RW, Whisler WW. Multiple Subpial Transections: In Neurological Surgery 5th Edition. Youmans, JR. (ed). Philadelphia WB Saunders 2010

Smith MC, Kanner A, Byrne RW: Corpus callosotomy and multiple subpial transections. In The Management of Epilepsy 5th Edition. Wylie E. editor. Lea and Febiger. Philadelphia 2010. Chapter 88:984-992.

Smith A, Byrne RW: Neurosurgery In Rush Review of Surgery, 5th edition. Deziel D, Bines, S (eds) W. B. Saunders pages 482-493. 2011

Connolly P, Umemura A, Baltuch G, Byrne R: Topectomy and Multiple Subpial Transections. In Youmans JR, Winn R (ed). Philadelphia WB Saunders Chapter 67:785-795. 2011

Smith MC, Kanner A, Byrne RW: Corpus callosotomy and multiple subpial transections. In The Management of Epilepsy 5th Edition. Wylie E. editor. Lea and Febiger. Philadelphia 2013 in press.

DiLorenzo D, Byrne RW: ICU management of patients with intracranial electrodes. In press Feb 2014

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