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About Rush Administrative Fellowship Program

Rush has always had a strong commitment to education and is particularly known nationally for its practitioner-teacher education model. Our project-based fellowship program gives two individuals the opportunity to further their development and careers by learning from and working with Rush’s senior leadership team. Our program continues to gain national recognition via its success in attracting and developing highly motivated and dedicated fellows focused on improving our organization, improving themselves and ultimately improving our health care delivery system.

Our program coordinator and mentors, along with senior management, encourage the fellows to take advantage of all opportunities available to them – whether it is attending a board retreat to learn more about governance or observing a surgery to witness our care teams in action. Our project-based model has allowed fellows to lead projects in areas such as supply chain operations, emergency management, solid organ transplant services and the Office of Transformation, to name a few. Our current and newly minted fellows provide valuable contributions within their departments and the organization as a whole during their experience.

We also support our fellows in thinking long-term about their own career development, through the use of the National Center for Healthcare Leadership competency model. The fellows are given mid-year and year-end evaluations based on the model to further development in key areas of health care management.

The economy and health care reform are creating new challenges for us, and I believe there is an opportunity to continue to share and learn from each other and the relationships we developed early in our careers. I hope you consider Rush as the place to start fostering these relationships and begin your journey as a future health care leader. 

Peter W. Butler
President and Chief Operating Officer

Information for the 2015-2016 Postgraduate Administrative Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program Details

The Rush University Medical Center administrative fellowship program is a challenging and rewarding experience. Working in a nationally recognized academic medical center provides a unique perspective on the collaborative interaction between the clinical delivery, education and research enterprises.

While there are no prescribed rotations during the 12-month fellowship, fellows experience vast exposure to Rush through project-based worked that is tailored to the goals of the fellow as well as the needs of the organization. Fellows will meet regularly with Rush's president and COO, Peter Butler, and also the executive vice president and executive director of Rush University Hospitals, Michael Dandorph. Both mentors help fellows discover their areas of interest and focus in the health care environment. The fellowship program is also led by a program coordinator and several mentors who work closely with Peter Butler and the fellows. Fellows will work on projects involving many different departments, functions and divisions. Each project will have a sponsor who will work with the fellow to achieve project understanding, completion and evaluation.

A key attribute of this fellowship is that it exposes fellows to governance and decision-making at the most senior level. Particular attention is given to senior management forums, including selected Board of Trustees committee meetings. Access to senior level management is available throughout the fellowship, including regular mentoring meetings with senior leadership and project sponsors. Additional informal and formal exposure to staff occurs across the entire Medical Center through various meetings and project work.

The fellows will have the opportunity to learn and develop leadership competencies defined by National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) as requirements for outstanding health care leadership for the future. This model is used for project development, mid-year and final evaluations.

As scheduling allows, Rush fellows also have opportunities to benefit from the academic community at Rush. Opportunities may include course auditing, "current topics" seminars and other educational and networking events provided through Rush University's various colleges and departments. Fellows will be exposed to the importance of the teacher-practitioner model followed at Rush University. This model exposes students and fellows to the research and current projects of faculty members who practice in the Medical Center, creating a rich learning environment for students and practitioners.

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Evaluation Opportunities

Fellows have the opportunity to request feedback as needed on their performance from their mentors and from project sponsors. In addition to this informal feedback, each fellow receives a mid-point and final formal evaluation using the NCHL model and project. The final evaluation includes project evaluations by project sponsor(s) and other senior management members.

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Eligibility Requirements and Skills Necessary

The Rush University Medical Center Administrative Fellowship Program is geared toward individuals who classify themselves as leaders and self-starters, and those who are interested in building a better understanding of management in an academic medical center.

Qualified applicants will have an MHA, MS, MHSA, MPH or MBA degree with a health care concentration or will have completed similar coursework. All programs must be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education. We accept those applicants with an outstanding residency requirement. All applicants must have completed their coursework prior to the start of the fellowship. We will work with the individual program to ensure that all requirements can be fulfilled.

Rush University Medical Center will accept applications from international students who currently hold an F1 visa and are eligible for optional practice training.

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Program Compensation

Rush University Medical Center will have a compensation package that is competitive with other fellowship programs. Fellows will receive the same benefits as other Rush employees, including medical, vision, dental, flexible spending accounts (health and transportation), short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance, retirement savings plan and paid time off. Please visit for additional information about employment at Rush, including information about Chicago and the surrounding area.

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 Discrimination or harassment against any member of the Rush University Medical Center community (i.e., employee, faculty, house staff, student, or patient) because of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, marital or parental status, disability as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, or any other category protected by federal or state law is prohibited and will not be tolerated, nor will any person for those reasons be excluded from the participation in or denied the benefits of any program or activity within Rush University Medical Center or Rush University.

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