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About Rush Science and Math Excellence (SAME) Network

The Educational Outreach Programs will provide programs that support teachers, students, families and the community by providing supplemental materials to support the development of grade level skills and standards, especially as they related to math and science careers.

General descriptions of programs offered are provided below.

Preschool Program

The goal of the SAME Network Preschool Program is to create a foundation for the development of science, math, and literacy skills for 3- to 5-year-olds. The children begin to understand fundamental math and science concepts through interactive materials and experiences. The program provides preschool teachers with the tools and strategies for teaching math and science to young children. Our ultimate objective is for children to achieve math and science literacy during the early years.

Preschool Program components include:

  • Professional development
  • Lending program
  • Parent/child Workshops
  • Math and science in the classroom
  • End of the year math and science celebration

Kindergarten Program

The goal of the Kindergarten Program is to provide teachers, children and parents resources to increase their exposure to scientific and mathematical practices. The SAME Network will help young scientists, mathematicians and engineers by providing teachers with curriculum support and materials to enhance classroom learning. The focus of this program is to help develop progressive thinkers who are able to observe, analyze, communicate, evaluate and develop ideas and solve programs.

Kindergarten Program components include:

  • Professional development
  • Lending program
  • Parent/child workshops
  • Math and science in the classroom

Early Enrichment Program

The Early Enrichment Program will give children in grades 1-4 the opportunity to engage in activities to encourage the teaching and learning of science, math and technology. The SAME Network team will collaborate with Rush's work force to develop curriculum that is stimulating and challenging for the elementary level students. The goal of this program is to promote enthusiasm for exploring careers related to math and science through interactive activities and materials.

Early Enrichment Program components include:

  • Resources and materials that will support the development of grade level skills
  • Workshops and interactive activities in the schools.

College Preparatory Enrichment Program (CPEP) 

The College Preparatory  Enrichment Program offers students an opportunity to participate in year-round Saturday and summer learning activities that enhance their school's current science and math content. Students are selected to apply based on grades, recommendations from teachers/principal, and interview performance. Each year a limited number of students are accepted into the program as fifth-graders and retained until they graduate high school, provided yearly minimum requirements are met. Students work independently, collaboratively and cooperatively on inquiry-based science tasks emphasizing higher-order conceptualization while integrating math and technology. Additionally, students attend field trips to the Museum of Science and Industry and additional locations throughout the year. By exposing students to learning opportunities that they would otherwise not be able to access for financial reasons, CPEP aims to level the academic playing field.

Focus: Pre-College Education

Our purpose is to encourage young school-age students to pursue a career path in science, math, engineering and technology; especially those who are generally underrepresented in these areas, and to provide the necessary support system to help them to be successful along the way.

CPEP Program Goals:

  • To improve students' confidence in science and math
  • To improve students' performance in science and math
  • To increase students' skills in science, math and technology
  • To increase students' interest in pursuing a science or math career
  • To increase and deepen students' families' engagement in formal and informal science education
  • Support teachers by providing professional development focused on instructional strategies for teaching science, math, technology and literacy 

CPEP Program Objectives:

  • Early intervention in the education process
  • Provide academic/social support system
  • Pre-exposure to college life
  • Academic and operational expansion

CPEP High School Internship Program

Upon graduation from the eighth-grade, students from the College Preparatory Enrichment Program (CPEP) will matriculate into the CPEP High School Internship Program. From the ninth to 12th grade, students are being prepared academically to meet the rigor of college and professionally to meet the challenge of a career. These students will be afforded the opportunity to earn community service hours as a volunteer within the Rush medical center, and receive a stipend as they career shadow various healthcare professionals. The goal of the SAME Network CPEP High School Internship program is to provide students with the necessary resources to successfully enter an institution of higher learning upon graduation, and to provide hands-on practical experience that will encourage them to pursue a career in the Healthcare profession.  In this program students will work diligently to meet the following objectives:

  • Prepare and practice for the ACT
  • Develop study skills, interviewing and career readiness skills
  • Complete the logistics of college entry (i.e., FAFSA, applying for colleges, scholarship search, college tours, mock interviews, resume writing, career path search, etc.)
  • Attend advanced math and science courses, leadership training sessions, technology integration workshops that help to develop critical thinking skills
  • Experience daily work as a professional in the medical, nursing, allied health and human resources departments of  Rush
  • Give back to the health care community as a volunteer

College Internship Program

The College Internship Program supports students as they matriculate through college. Eligible students receive scholarship assistance and academic support.  The students are given an opportunity to work at Rush University Medical Center in an area close to their related career choice. The students return from colleges and universities across the United States during the holiday season and summer break to learn, work and interact with patients, peers, and management. College students receive mentoring through preceptor relationships with professionals at Rush.

 How to Become A Network School

Rush has identified its community by the following zip codes:  60607, 60608, 60612, 60622, 60623, 60624, and 60661.  Schools located within these zip codes may be eligible to apply for admittance into the SAME Network.

Schools that are invited to apply for admittance into the SAME Network must meet the following criteria:

  • The school must be located in one of the aforementioned zip code areas.
  • Two-thirds of the schools located within each of the zip code areas must have 75 percent of their students who qualify for free or reduced lunch.

For information and to apply to the SAME Network, please send an email request to  Please include school background information, including zip code and percent of your studens who qualify for free/reduced lunch.

If you have questions about the SAME Network or any of its programs, simply contact one of our staff members:

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