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Tips from a White Sox doc

There’s plenty to learn from the World Champion Chicago White Sox besides the art of “small ball” and the importance of team chemistry. In fact, some of the most valuable lessons involve what players do in the off-season.

Chicago winters can drive even the most avid amateur athlete indoors, where it’s easy to succumb to a sedentary lifestyle. By modeling winter workout routines after those of professional athletes, weekend athletes — regardless of their playing level — can stay in shape and avoid injuries when they return to their favorite activities in the spring.

“You don’t want to lose what you developed during the previous season,” says Charles Bush-Joseph, MD, head team physician for the Chicago White Sox and an orthopedic specialist at Rush University Medical Center.

Based on his experience with the White Sox, Bush-Joseph offers several tips for active men and women who want to maintain their playing form during the winter months:

  • If you haven’t already, begin a light aerobic routine indoors to get your heart rate up. Try an elliptical trainer or a treadmill.
  • Ease into a fitness program that includes building core strength and increasing flexibility. Yoga, Pilates and resistance exercises with rubber bands are excellent components of an off-season workout routine.
  • If you can’t play your favorite sport indoors throughout the cold months, add sport-specific exercises to your workout; these should focus on those muscles that don’t see action during the course of your regular day. If you’re a golfer, find an indoor driving range; if you’re a softball player, head for the batting cages; if you’re a tennis player, hit a ball against the gym wall.
  • Regardless of the time of year, warm up before exercising to avoid muscle strains and tears, injuries that can take both professionals and amateurs out of play for an entire season.

Following these tips may not turn you into a world champion baseball player, but they will keep you in the game.

To learn more about sports medicine at Rush, visit the Sports Medicine home page.

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Ranked among the very best orthopedic programs in the country by U.S. News & World Report, Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois, is home to nationally respected physicians, who are on the leading-edge of sports medicine.

This expertise is the reason Rush is home to the team physicians for the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Bulls.

For more information about sports medicine services at Rush visit the Sports Medicine Program home page.

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