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Clinical Services at Rush Depression Treatment & Research Center

Program Description

Educating Patients, Families, Communities and Healthcare Providers

The Woman's Board Depression Treatment and Research Center (TRC) at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois, provides, through clinical research, innovative medical treatment that is generally not available in conventional psychiatric practice.

The treatment methods have proven to be helpful for individuals who have never been treated, as well as for those whose illnesses have not responded adequately to conventional treatments. Through the clinical research performed in the center, knowledge of the possible causes of psychiatric disorders is strengthened and more specific and effective treatment approaches are developed.

People who come to the center for help are evaluated and treated by highly qualified professionals and receive exceptional care. Evaluations are free. Patients undergo a complete medical and psychiatric workup before entering into any specific program. Information obtained is confidential and does not rely on insurance benefits.

How Do You Get Help?

Depression is among the most treatable disorders, yet it is among the leading causes of disability worldwide. Feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, shame and fear of stigma may inhibit someone from reaching out for help. Whether the call is made by the one who is hurting, by a friend or by a concerned family member, the first step is asking questions.

"How do I know if I'm depressed?"

"Who will find out private things about me?"

"What if I can't tolerate the medicine?"

"What if it doesn't work?"

These are common, reasonable and understandable questions. Calling for information can be anonymous and does not commit you to anything. Simply making a call to find out more is the first step.

If you feel you have been experiencing symptoms of a mood disorder, please contact us to consult with our staff or to learn about joining a clinical trial or other treatment options. Eligible participants may receive a study-related evaluation, study procedures and study treatment at no cost.

Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Cutting-edge treatment.
Access to treatments is often not available from a private practice or primary care provider, with an emphasis on an evidence-based, personalized, team approach.

High standard of care.
A comprehensive, confidential, state-of-the-art evaluation is performed by a team of experts in the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders. Research has shown that high quality of care provided to study participants is a benefit itself and patients in clinical trials tend to fare better than those receiving standard clinical treatment.

The chance to make a difference.
Through research, practitioners learn how to treat mood disorders more effectively. This learning contributes to the overall growth and sophistication of mental health medicine.

No cost or obligation.
Qualified patients receive study-related procedures including bloodwork, labs, EKG and other study-related tests at no charge. No insurance is required. Participants can withdraw at any time.

Regulated and monitored practices.
All of our studies are reviewed by the Rush University Medical Center Institutional Review Board to ensure the highest quality of clinical care.

Who Are We?

Our clinical faculty includes internationally recognized experts in the diagnosis and treatment of mood and other related psychiatric disorders. The Depression Treatment and Research Center provides a variety of clinical trials without cost to eligible individuals. Rush University Medical Center is one of the nation's leading academic medical centers, and the TRC is recognized for more than 25 years of experience in conducting landmark clinical trials and in providing state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical care for patients suffering from a variety of mental health disorders. Our studies are funded by a variety of sources, including federal grants (National Institutes of Health), pharmaceutical companies and by private endowments.

Our clinical staff has expertise in:

  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Educating patients, families and communities
  • Increasing understanding of the possible causes of psychiatric disorders
  • Effective treatments for treatment-resistant disorders, including vagus nerve stimulation
  • New treatments for potential FDA approval
  • Research into genetic and psychosocial predisposition for mood disorders
  • Novel treatment approaches, including medication, somatic treatments and psychotherapy
  • A wide variety of clinical trials

Contact Name Depression Treatment & Research Center
Contact Phone (312) 942-6597
Contact E-mail


TRC Chicago Office: 1700 W. Van Buren St.
Fifth floor
Chicago, IL 60612

TRC Skokie Office: 4711 Golf Road
Suite 1200
Skokie, IL 60067

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Contact Name
Depression Treatment & Research Center
Contact Phone
(312) 942-6597
Contact E-mail

Triangle Office Building
1700 W. Van Buren St., 5th Floor
Chicago, IL 60612

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