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A simple blister on your heel doesn’t sound like a big deal. But for someone with diabetic neuropathy, the nerve damage that affects 60 to 70 percent of those who have diabetes, such a seemingly small problem can become a catastrophe.

The travel bug is one thing, but what about malarial mosquitoes, jet lag, dehydration and other potential hazards of exploring? See our top tips for healthy travel.

As a mom of two, Bridget Voigt, MD, understands that it can be difficult to discuss sensitive issues, like puberty and sex, with your kids. Here, Voigt offers motherly-doctorly advice on how to help kids navigate intimacy, reproduction and their developing bodies.

Decades ago, prematurity was a major cause of infant deaths. Today, advanced medicine, improved prenatal care and an emphasis on family involvement in the neonatal intensive care unit have led to increased survival rates.