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Ask an Expert

Specialists in cardiology, lung cancer, stroke, the spine and back, and orthopedic care and sports medicine are here to help. Choose the appropriate link and complete the form to send an inquiry.

Ask a Heart Expert

Nationally recognized heart and vascular specialists at Rush provide care for the most common to the most complex heart conditions.

Get expert insight on your heart health-related question from a specialist at Rush.

Ask a Lung Cancer Expert

Rush's lung cancer experts — including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, pulmonologists and radiologists — are leaders in diagnosing and treating lung cancer and other malignancies of the chest.

Doctors at Rush use advanced methods of imaging, biopsy and analysis to determine each patient's condition, and they work together to develop and implement an individualized treatment plan.

Ask a Spine and Back Expert

At Rush, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists (doctors who specialize in physical rehabilitation), nurses and physical therapists address the full scope of back, spine and neck care issues.

Get expert insight on your spine and back-related question from a specialist at Rush.

Ask a Stroke Expert

Vascular neurologists and neurosurgeons at Rush provide comprehensive medical treatment for stroke and other neurologic emergencies, from immediate treatment to specialized follow-up care for those coping with the aftermath of a stroke or stroke-related condition.

Fill out our Ask a Stroke Expert form to send an inquiry to stroke care specialists at Rush.

Ask an Orthopedics or Sports Medicine Expert

The orthopedics specialists at Rush are devoted to diagnosing and treating virtually any problem of the bones, joints, cartilage and ligaments. And sports medicine physicians at Rush treat athletes of all ages to relieve pain and help patients return to their active lifestyles.

Get expert insight on your orthopedics or sports medicine-related question from a specialist.