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Gifts That Pay You Income

Contributing to Rush with a life income plan allows you to support our efforts in a meaningful way, while still taking care of you and your family.

You transfer assets to a trust for Rush, where Rush is the ultimate beneficiary. You and your beneficiaries receive an income stream for a set period of time, while supporting Rush patient care, research, education and community outreach. When the trust period ends, the remaining principal will then, and only then, go to support Rush.

Advantages for you and your family

  • Save money on taxes
  • Get value out of assets you no longer need
  • Earn income while also supporting medical care, research, education and community outreach in Chicago and around the world

Read on: A life income plan was among the best investments a Rush alumnus made: “I only bet on sure things.”

Types of life income plans

  • Charitable gift annuity — the simplest and most popular life income plan
    Make an irrevocable cash gift or approved property donation, and Rush will can guarantee a stream of payments for life. You also can receive a charitable tax deduction and a portion of your payments will be tax free.
  • Charitable remainder trust — flexibility in estate and financial planning with significant tax benefits
    You fund a trust with cash or other assets. Rush will receive the remainder interest when the trust ends. This type of contribution also is tax deductable. 
  • Retained life estate — enjoy tax benefits while remaining on your property
    You may give your real estate to Rush, and continue to reside there as long as you live. Take a charitable deduction for the value of your gift. Your estate will not be burdened by having to sell the property when it is no longer used.

To learn more about Rush’s planned giving options, including return rates, is to contact Susan Sasvari, senior director of gift planning, at (312) 942-3691 or

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