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Gifts of Property and Insurance

Gifts to Rush don’t have to be cash. There are several ways you can make a meaningful gift to Rush and help expand its services and programs. Gifting assets other than cash can be a tax-wise way to support Rush.

Real estate

If you have a residence, a vacation home or a property you no longer need, you can make a significant gift to Rush that can also result in benefits for you.  Making a gift of real estate can help you save on taxes, increase your income and reduce the burden of selling your property while supporting Rush. We will respond to inquiries about gifts of real estate, however the Medical Center’s gift acceptance policy determines whether Rush is able to accept your gift. Also be aware that Rush cannot cover costs for value appraisals. You would need to have the value of a real estate gift determined before Rush could consider accepting.

Life insurance

If you have a paid-up life insurance policy that may have outlived its original purpose (such as providing for children who are now grown and self-sufficient) you can convert it into a tax-deductible philanthropic contribution. If you purchase a new policy, you could make Rush both the owner and the beneficiary, and make a powerful gift for Rush. Similar to real estate gifts, you are responsible for determining a policy's value before offering it as a gift to Rush. 

To learn more about Rush’s non-cash giving options, contact Susan Sasvari, senior director of gift planning, at (312) 942-3691 or

Note: The general information available on is furnished with the understanding that neither Rush University Medical Center nor the site's authors are authorized to provide legal or tax advice. We strongly encourage the reader to seek professional counsel before taking action on any of the gift, estate or financial planning options outlined on these pages.

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